Lotta my ex wife phoned me from Sweden yesterday to tell me that, "she had just seen a very large brown bird with a yellow beak sitting on a FENCE" and did not know what it was.
Lotta knowing that I am somewhat knowledgeable concerning birds of prey, hence the phone call, was delighted to learn that I  thought it to be an eagle of some kind, Lotta was so pleased because she had NEVER seen an eagle in the wild.
That was yesterday.
This morning I looked from my window and stood transfixed, my heart began to beat  faster and I began to shake a little, as the realisation dawned on me,just what I was seeing.
Sitting on the FENCE was a male ‘sparrow hawk’ , I have NEVER seen any kind of hawk in my garden ever, fortunately the camera was on the window ledge close to my hand, so I had the time to take a  few very shaky shots of the hawk before he disappeared over the roof tops.
Once again I ask myself is this another amazing coincidence, or is someone trying to tell me something.?

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