I read this story years ago and have never been able to put it from my mind, I wonder why.
A buddhist monk and his pupil  had embarked on a pilgrimage from one monastery to another some 3 days  walk, as they walked along the muddy path they came to a cross road ,there on the otherside stood a lady, a very beautiful lady trying to cross but the mud was so deep she could not cross, the monk waded through the deep sticky mud  picked her up in his arms and carried her across, the lady thanked the monk and both parties continued on there way.
That evening while the monk and his pupil were eating  supper beneath a large old tree where they had set camp for the night, the pupil a little nervously  told the master, " you have confused me master" ,  you have preached to me that we should never have physical contact with the opposite sex, yet, I saw you this afternoon pick up that lady physicaly and carry her across the mud,  ‘yes’  said the master I carried her ‘and’ I put her down,
pointing at his pupil and smiling said,"but you are still carrying her".
If only we could deleat people from our minds as simply as we can deleat junk mail from our  pc.

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