I believe the time has come for me to vent my spleen on irresponsible dog owners. After hearing all the bad press about dog attacks of late, I have become enraged with these people who become owners of dogs only to allow them to become (or indeed deliberately make them) aggressive, and then walk out in public with them unleashed.
These people should be severely dealt with, they are in fact out in public with a loaded gun, yet if the gun should go off then it is the poor animal that is made to suffer, this, I feel is totally wrong and cannot be justified in anyway at all. If a dog attacks a human it is because the owner is unaware of the dogs temperament, or they are using the dog as a weapon, in both cases they are at fault and should be made to pay for their mistake.
To simply destroy the dog and slap the hand of its owner is quite unacceptable.
 If a dog kills a human as is what has happened over the last week, then the owner of the dog should be charged with manslaughter .
If I am driving a car irresponsibly and I kill someone it is not the car that has killed that person it is me, so if I am the owner of a dog and it kills someone then the same principle should apply.
A dog can inflict horrific injuries to a child in the blink of an eye, indeed it can kill a child within moments and the sooner dog owners understand this the better.
There are around 3,000 dog attacks a year in Britain, yet, the present outbreak of media frenzy only highlights the incidents that have occured over the past  few days, yet, dogs are attacking people every day of the week and all but a few are swept under the carpet, the owners of these dogs are allowed to walk free and due to a loophole in the law a convicted owner of a dangerous dog can still sell that dog on to any unsuspecting party.
This loophole must be closed and even more stringent measures put into place so dogs and their owners can be properly monitored.
I propose that any person convicted of owning a dangerous dog should not only be banned from walking the dog in public, (muzzled or not) but also be placed on a list of dangerous dog owners and this list made available to the general public. Stricter control is the answer, the dangerous dog act should, and must be reviewed and strengthened if we are to be able to walk in the park etc without being worried about being savaged.
The law encouraged the persecution and subsequent eradication of the wolf in Britain hundreds of years ago,yet, allows to this day irresponsible people to own and run free their dangerous dogs; this is quite wrong and must be stopped.
It has been hundreds of years since the population of Britain has been threatened by wild animal attacks; long gone are the days of beasts entering villages at night to steal away and devour our young children,
however, now we find the reputation  of  responsible dog owners  being placed in the firing line once again, because of the  stupid mentality of people that neither know nor care what exactly it is that they have on the end of the leash. Most dogs are gentle and loving and ask for nothing more than to be allowed to please their owners at every opportunity; they fully deserve their title of being "mans best friend".
If I have stirred you ~ then let me say, "it was my intention". 





6 responses to “DOG ATTACKS.

  1. Hello  Kenny
               Well you will no i agree with you 100% the wrong people get the wrong dogs & i find the young men get a dog like my Lulu not to look after but as a status symbol so they think they look good well my Lulu is a gentel girl but as every one knows in the wrong hands she could be a killer , we love her & treat her with the respect she deserves she is a darling with my grandchildren but i no she is gentel but if my grandchild happened to accidentally stand on her when shes in a deep sleep she could bight we the humans but be one step ahead we must think what could happen so never leave a child unprotected with eney dog big or small they all can kill & as we no to well its the dog that gets the blame when it should be the owner or the person looking after the child ,my Lulu plays with my grandchildren all the time but we have taught them to respect animals not just dogs but all .
    I’ll get of my soap box now lol
    Take care {{hugs}} Love from Shelly xxx 


  2. Hi Kenny!
    Just been looking at your site, it’s really good! I have also signed the petition to stop the shooting of Wolves, and hve passed it on to my friends as well.
    you will remember my daughters dog ‘Blitz’ he is 5 months old now and is a lovely dog, I have some up to date pics on my site if you would like to have a look,
    Peace and Love,
    Liz xx


  3. I totally agree with your sentiments. I am a dog trainer, run a small pet club and have done for many years. I seem these days to spend more time teaching people how to enjoy their dogs while keeping them under control than actually doing training things like recall or walking nicely on the lead. People are getting totally the wrong dogs for them just because they look good to walk down the road with. I get so annoyed!!!
    As for my dogs itches, I avoid vets as much as I can as I naturally feed it follows that I don’t want my dogs pumped full of chemicals/steroids either. They are just about alright now and have loved all the attention/grooming they’ve had getting to this point. Thanks for your comments though.


  4. Thank you for leaving a comment re no name .I hate people who brows spaces then hide after making comments.I would have hoped spaces put an end to this when they made all the changes,we did ask for them.


  5. wow kenny its so cool.i need you help me wiv mine now… you know ya gettin tortured now dont ya….lol
    like this tune too.lovly pictures im off bed now coz its torture time for you 2morro….lol goodnight godbles kenny xxx


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