Get out of my face.

Overexposed Celebs
Cocaine scandal? What cocaine scandal? Kate Moss is flying higher than ever – as far as her profile is concerned, that is. The Mirror may have got the scoop that reportedly revealed a drugs problem, but it’s made little difference to the supermodel’s bank balance.

At the time of the revelations, she lost lucrative contracts with Chanel and Hennes & Mauritz, but Kate Moss is now signed to a record 14 advertising campaigns.

Her face will adorn ads for the likes of chavs fave Burberry, jewellers Bulgari and Dior; international brands of the highest order. Not to be sniffed at. As far as Kate’s transgressions are concerned, it’s as the old saying dictates: there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

In the gallery below,  some other celebs who are just as ubiquitous…

Gallery: Overexposed Celebrities
Carol Vorderman – You can catch her on TV just about every single day of your life. The only Vorderman-free zone is the BBC; no adverts and therefore, no chance of seeing her endorse consolidation loans either.  Calum Best – The son of the late Manchester United legend George, he was lately seen on ITV1’s mega-flop Love Island,  which he won. Some achievement. Calum is forever in the tabloids and cheap celebrity rags.  Paul Danan – Once upon a time, he was a serious actor. OK, it was only Hollyoaks,  but he spent four years on that show. Now, thanks to some unwise reality TV show decisions, he’s become an overexposed twit.  Paris Hilton – I defy Professor Stephen Hawking himself to work out what it is that Paris Hilton does.  However, she’s got one hell of a PR rep; it’s impossible to pick up a newspaper or magazine without seeing her face. 
Sharon Osbourne – She was fab on The Osbournes,  but with The X Factor,  her new afternoon chat show, celebrity rag and tabloid appearances, you can get too much of a good thing. Please tone it down Shazza.   Russell Brand – His mad E4 show saved Big Brother 7 from being a monumental bore, but there’s no escaping the geezer at the moment as women are crawling out of the woodwork to talk about his sexual habits. Yuck.  Kate Moss – Ever since that infamous exposé about her recreational habits, the supermodel’s profile has soared. She’s on more TV adverts, she’s never off entertainment cable channel, E! and she’s always in print.  Pete Doherty – He’s a perfect example of Groundhog Day. Another day, another story about Pete Doherty. And if it isn’t about his drug addiction or court appearances, it’s about his love for Kate Moss. Enough already!    



is the worst culprit, 

she is a money grabbing

two faced woman

hell bent on swelling her bank account

and trying to turn countdown

(a program that i enjoy)

into the carole vorderman show.


3 responses to “Get out of my face.

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  2. Coffee With Kate

    Hi Kenny,
    regarding your comment on my page,yes …. that seems to be an accurate assumption.
    take care


  3. Coffee With Kate

    I cant speak my opinion on most of the celebs mentioned, but I have been rather curious about some and what makes them tick. Paris H for instnace, sadly presents a shallow personality and one questions what the deeper problem could be.


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