This is not a pretty sight.

After many years of walking this earth

the Rat has finaly had his teeth fixed,

now he can smile without frightening

people half to death.


The above link will take you to a place

where only eagles dare.


3 responses to “THE RATS TEETH.

  1. Hi Kenny,
    I recently had to have 4 front teeth out, but now I can smile once more:-)
    Thanks for your comments about Blitx, he is a lovely dog and I think the ‘odd ears’
    add to his character. we have not had him tattooed yet, sounds better than a microchip though,
    and probably cheaper! He has been teething recently, and his adult set are growing in very quickly.
    One thing that is a bit strange is that he has double canines, I looked up on the net about this but all I
    found out was that it is usually the infant one being pushed aside. But these are too far apart ( I think)
    for that to be the case.
    Behaviourwise he is pretty good, but he does take a dislike to some people and his hackles go up and
     he barks and growls. Funnily enough though, if someone ignores this and walks straight up to him and is
     friendly he is pleased to greet them. We may have to muzzle him when out though because of this.
    There are too many folk out there ready to say " that dog is dangerous" etc, just because of his looks,
     never mind when he barks!
    Hope your having a good weekend,
    Peace n’ Love,
    Liz xx


  2. lol…thnx for tkn me too anuther dimention kenny,i didnt know his teeth were that bad and iv sat nxt him in p/end well they ya go i must be bong eyed…lol better go opticians…ha
    gina xxx


  3. Coffee With Kate

    Thanks for the feedback Kenny. And innovation is a sign of a good cook!  Ps….love the top pic of the sea.


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