A fishy tale.

    Terry and I were fishing over the weekend and a great time was had.

It began with a East 55 race to the spawning grounds through the thick morning mist.

Soon the mist had lifted to reveal a calm and gentle swell, here  are some pics of this wonderful weekend, and a exciting "fishy tale".







We catch the cod we catch the haddock
we catch crab and lobster too,
we search the sea for fish to catch
 in our boat so sleek and blue "O"
7 miles out with no sight of land
where dolphins chatter hello
sometimes the basking shark will call
 he’s such a long fellow "O".
A  wandering bird rests a while
 upon our golden mast
then leaves his calling card for us
before flying home so fast "O"
Ahead we see a pure white sail
but not a boat a bobbing
ti’s Dick himself the great white whale
that sets our hearts a throbbing "O"
Full steam ahead toward the beast
we’ll catch him this time Terry
we shall hunt him till we catch him
or our bones our friends will bury "O"
We chased him night we chased him day
until his singing heard
but from his blow hole water waffled
from the blow hole of the £aird "O"
Yes we caught the great white whale
now men doff their toppers
we shall go down in mystery
because we don’t tell whoppers "O"
They shall talk of us in years to come
how hero’s we became
because we caught the uncatchable
with just a anchor and a chain"O".


Dear £aird.
I am a picean
 two fish swimming past each other,
 just like you and I, so,
 please do not take offence for in
 reality I like you and I stern to your supremacy.

frying pan


18 responses to “A fishy tale.

  1. Hello Kenny, Against my better judgment and a resolution that I must not take on any more friends, as you kindly left a comment on Tessa’s Diary I called over to return the compliment and got carried away reading through your myriad of different topics. I cannot reply to all that I would like as it would take me far too long.Your love of nature and the wild as well as our family pets is obvious with the sincere energy that comes from many of the blogs.I don’t know why I chose this one after all the bird blogs a topic close to my heart, places and couldn’t help but smile at the comment od your Derwent Water blog and the mention of cost. Why do you think most of the people in Keswick are outsiders? Local wages don’t allow locals to buy the properties.Then there was the cowboy you, the dive into the depths for your treasure chest and visit to the mermaid and so much more.Needless to say I have enjoyed the visit.Barry and Tessa


  2. I’ve been told to relax all my life, but never for playing video games.  I guess I’m just an up-tight sort of girl.  Hope your first day of summer in Jolly Ol’ was as lovely as here in Seattle.  It was quite warm, blue sky and looking to stay that way for several more hours here, whereas I am sure you’re tucked up comfy in your bed.  I am so looking forward to a relaxing weekend alone.  My sis is off with friends so I will have the place to myself.  I’d say drop by for a glass of wine, but I’m afraid you’d never make it on time.  Have a great weekend yourself.
    blessed be,


  3. Morning Kenny. Any luck with that horse? I try not to with horses, I get hooked too easily.
    68 kick ups impressive score; yes, it is a little tricky, and frustratingly addictive I find.
    Have a good Thursday  :)


  4. I honestly don’t know how you can score the way you do with Manole.  My best was 80,000 and I’m not sure how I did it!  I keep expecting to find a new post over here but sadly not yet.  Did you have a nice weekend this time?  Rained here in Seattle all weekend and so I cleaned house, rested and basically did nothing much at all yesterday.  Thursday night I went to see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill taking my special daughter who is a country fan. 
    Blessed be,


  5. Now that’s the kind of fish I catch (man-eaters)…I swear as a good Irish Fisherman. The ocean is big is one thing I saw out there off the Oregon coast, and out for black cod…traps of course..I knitted crab pots with the Asian girls there in Coos Bay, Oregon..way back of course. I can do wire-weave with the best of them..piece work and don’t marry the girls is the rule for a man-weaver there. They’re illegals is why. I had a local lady driving me crazy enough as it was anyway.
    But crab pots and cod traps are a job and a half to make..not much pay either, but, couldn’t stand the "roll-over" boats they fish from out on that rough water…roll over in storms?…not for me. 28 footers mostly with cabins and holds…watertight of course. Colder than crap out there too. So fisherman is not for me..and processing either…therefor, went back into woodworking in Sacramento, California with square stuff…curved boatwork is for artists only who have separate incomes. Cool joinery though in my mind.
    Looks like you’re having fun there..me too..building a small house at ground level for my Mom who can’t make the stairs in her basement house anymore…got up to the foundation at this point with underground utilities finally all in and approved to the slab area…re-doing a sprinkler system now with new stuff throughout…tore it all up something awful with the excavations. With me, it’s repair or replace asap.
    So I’m having fun also..but dirt work for a while yet..then, the blessed slab will be ready for the frame..and be mid-summer and 100 degrees plus by then..well, longer days too..and I need them…by myself of course..we’re talking "materials only" cash to work with…so…my favorite challenge….but I can tell you this..I have my worm can in the truck right now..half-full. When full, I’m catching some fresh water fish for sure…Silvers..land-locked Salmon about twenty inches and five pounds of fight to the end. Pink meat. Mmmmmm.


  6. Afternoon Kenny. Twice in one day  lol
    Adjusted the score; appologies, hadn’t noticed when I splashed through earlier.
    Off to enjoy the rain now  :)


  7. Morning Kenny. Hope you wasn’t washed away with all the rain. Good fishing weather maybe.
    Another time wasting game to indulge in today. Easy, and addictive.
    Have a good Monday  :)


  8. Coffee With Kate

    Hi Kenny,
    I love this latest photograph of you, very nice indeed. What a wonderful catch of fish, I would have enjoyed being a guest for dinner.
    Take care


  9. Hi Kenny
    Thanks for your visit and your comments, yes it was a great day especially for Hubbs, who met a great many old friends , as for his hair YES it is all his  I do like a nice head of silver gray hair Don’t you?
    Love Suki x


  10. What a beautiful entry Kenny and a beatiful song !! I love songs like that…Who is that artist ??
    I am a picean as well, and I loved the photos you posted here…..
    Thanks for the congrats…..I have not been blogging much of late, been so busy with many other things.
    A grandma of 6 now , ya know.. lol
    Anyways, I am going up to see the little princess next weekend to meet her and take picstures to share
    with all of you.
    Take care, and have a lovely weekend
    Moni  ………Keep on fishing !!


  11. ♥ ∂ιѕα ♥

    Hi there Kenny.Thank’s for your visit and comment.Well,,,i’m not that much of a lady :DLook’s just good on the site with the glitter. ;)Wish you a great weekend and a wonderful day.Take care
    Hug’s from Sweden//Disa


  12. Hi Kenny
    Was glad you stopped in althought I havent spent much time in my kitchen cooking it has bothered me any :). Sound like you are having the time of your life and its fun reading and interesting to see.
    The Poem is funny and heart warming and brought a smile to my face. Hope your smiling also.
    You love life and it shows . Have you ever seen the dolfins jump to gether . I have while sitting on a ferry.. a site I will never forget. Have yet to see a whale. Some day.
    Have a great weekend Kenny and Happy Fathers Day to you. Its Fathers Day on Sunday in Canada so I think it would be the same there.
    When I get the cinnamon buns made I ‘ll give you a ring. Peace  and Light and all the good stuff to you. and catch the big one……..
    Hugs from Canada again.


  13. Enjoyed reading about your fishing trip – and loved the pictures thanks.
    Keep on enjoying life – that’s what it’s all about eh?


  14. My word but your brave, going out there in a small boat. I would be terrified! Yes and I’m the one who would like to sail in Cook’s ‘footsteps’ LOL!


  15. Morning Kenny. Score update; you’re now in the lead. Well done.
    Sunshine here, so just right for a lazy day. Have a good one  :)


  16. Excellent fish tale Kenny, and I enjoyed the pictures.  Sounds like you two blokes had a marvelous time of it.  I’m looking forward to another weekend.
    blessed be,


  17. Morning Kenny. You certainly did have a whale of a time.
    You may have caught the fish, but Lady Toots has caught your score.  lol
    Have a good Tuesday  :)


  18. Well that looks like a good catch clearly you wil never starve!   Well done it all looks fabulous hope you wen’t sea sick, As for whale oil you will have enough for heat and light and to cook your fish, and I believe a by product of blubber is Lipstick !! well that will make you think again neext time you try to steal a kiss!!
    Enjou your week
    Suki x


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