Three sevens.

Today is the seventh day of the seventh month of the seventh year of the Century.

So I intend to bet £7 on number seven in the seventh race at Sandown today.

The horse is called "Ravi-River". I hope it doesn’t come seventh.

Update….born today its a bit special, take a look.


I must say a big thank you to Lisa for the stunning image of a Canadian sunset, it is placed at the very bottom of the page, take a look it is brilliant.

3 responses to “Three sevens.

  1. Hi Kenny well I hope you had a big win!  I like the new slide show and the seller of er……….. tomato plants, and the pic of the swimming lady
    Have a good Monday
    Love Suki x


  2. Good Luck at the Races and hope you win big time :) and thanks for the reminder of the 777 my fav. number because God created the world in 7 days ,
    Have a good one Kenny. !!!!!!


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