Friday the 13th.

Jolly roger

  I am not superstitious.

5 responses to “Friday the 13th.

    Hi, just passing by the front door, I can smell your fresh catch of the day wow! my favourite Lobster!
    Hope you’re well and happy out in the sea! Mei
    ps: I’m not scare of the bone, but my dog think its his treat!


  2. Coffee With Kate

    I love the picture too


  3. Hiya Kenny.Many thanks for dropping by my space and leaving your fave pic.So friday the 13th was somewhat unlucky for you then—-it came and went without me even noticing it. Hope you weekend is going well.Best regards.Wolfy.


  4. Good job you didn’t go fishing, very unlucky for sailors Friday 13th
    Love Suki x


  5. I have just fallen down the stairs…"OUCH"


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