~~~~~~~ WAR AND PEACE~~~~~~~

It is a wonderful but nevertheless a somewhat naive notion, that one sunny day man shall bring to an end, all conflicts and wars between countries, creeds, clans and colors and shall live side by side together in harmony and everlasting peace. 

It is a pipe dream, dreamed by many well meaning but misguided and  disillusioned people, to create utopia, a paradise, a shangri-la here on Earth, is by man’s very nature unreasonable to say the least.

The truth is, that all nations have their own sacred ideological beliefs and it is purely natural that men will fight to the death, for the preservation and continuation of those beliefs, their lands and indeed their very existence. This is the way of the world it always has been and always shall be.

 It is the law of the Jungle, eat or be eaten, kill or be killed, it is natures law and all the huffing and puffing, all the hoping and dreaming in  the world, can not alter, change, nor reconstruct natures fundamental foundation for life to flourish and thrive upon this planet. In every river, lake and sea, big fish are eating little fish, it is the very spine, the very essence, the key factor running throughout one of nature’s most beautiful designs, "life and death" this great eternal plan has been laid down by the mightiest of all powers.

So long as the sun shines in our sky, man shall take up arms, let slip dogs and make war, this fact is indisputable.

Peace is but a piece of time in between two pieces of war.


3 responses to “WAR.

  1. I am very pleasure for visiting your Wonderful spaces … That very beautiful and excitement and  magnificence… Thank you for this great effort


  2. Morning Kenny. How very true that is, and put so well. It’s such a shame that ‘man’ has to drag the rest of nature into its conflicts though. Each second of peace should be treasured.
    Enjoy the rest of the day  :)


  3. OOOOoooooooh Kenny – Strong stuff here!   but you are right of course, man would not have survived to this point in time if there had not been the element of ‘The survial of the fitest’  Most wars are based on religion, "my God is a god of peace and love worship him or I will kill you"!!
    Om shanti – peace and love to you
    Suki x


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