Falconry centre.

 Sion  hall falconry centre   07 264   I had been given a voucher to visit a Falconry centre as a Xmas gift, now, anyone who is familiar with my feelings toward caged or tethered animals will be surprised to learn that against my better judgment I decided to use the voucher, mainly because it was a gift and if I had not used it then I would have felt guilty.

Sion  hall falconry centre   07 050

I have a life long love for birds of prey and was not sure of how I would feel, to see these wonderful birds tied to a block on the grass all day and then locked up in the dark all night. This is not the picture that I have in my head of how a bird of prey should be seen, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the birds looked healthy, fit and seemed to be enjoying their lot.

Sion  hall falconry centre   07 170

I had been assigned to walk with a falconer called Tony, who was very knowledgeable and friendly. We walked for nearly an hour along the country lanes of N/Yorkshire, with a Harris Hawk called Rolf (no prizes as to why he was given that name).While Rolf was flying free along the lanes he flushed out one pheasant, two Partridges and a Wood pigeon, but failed to catch any of them.


I had informed Tony at the start of our walk, that I had never in my life  held a bird of prey on my hand, to which he smiled and said " He could kiss people like me" meaning… that there are many people who buy or take direct from the wild, birds of prey just to feed their ego’s. and eventually the novelty wears off and the bird is subjected to neglect and mistreatment. Although I have loved these wonderful birds all my life I have never once felt that I could do the bird justice and so have resisted the temptation to own one just to boost my ego. If anyone who reads this should be thinking of buying a bird of prey please think very long and very hard.

Sion  hall falconry centre   07 388 After the walk we were treated to a display of various birds of prey, very impressive I thought, slowly my opinion of falconry centres began to change. I would now thoroughly recommend anyone to visit one. I found it most interesting plus I gained an experience that I thought would never happen… a bird of prey on my hand. I felt humbled and privileged in Rolf’s presence. A wonderful day out indeed.

Sion  hall falconry centre   07 409

13 responses to “Falconry centre.

  1. Gorgeous pic!!!!!!
    Yes indeed people should think twice before buying such birds (any ind of bird actually) or any wild life creature.
    Just saw a doc on illegal trade of animals in Brazilia. The bastar……… doing the traffic of animals get away with just a fine or just a few days imprisonment.
    Errrrrr….. where are we going and what are we leaving behind for our kids?
    If only the demand for the above could stop then all the killing and imprisonment of these beautiful animals would stop. Money and ego are actually killing us all. Explosive cocktail, huh? Damn it!
    I’m adding you to my places of interests and will come back to your site for even more gorgeous pics…… so keep on posting them!:-)
    Enjoy the week end and take care.
    Pop in any time!
    Thanks for the dove!


    Good Morning ‘Dad’………….hmmmm, just love the pictures of the lakes, makes one want to visit.
    Have a great week-end


  3. Bittersweet on-the-hill.

    Hello Kenny,
    What a thoughtful gift.  I’mglad that despite your reservation, that you used the gift certificate.
    When I lived in Tucson, Arizona, we had a number of Harris hawks that frequented the area.  There was a large church yard behind yhe brick walls, and I  used to see them sitting on the light poles in parking areas.  We had a lot of quail, pigmy owls, and yellow finches and they would swoop down for their pray.  I had an outdoor chiminia or wood burning fireplace and on several occassions they’d fly down and sit on the edge of the clay chimney.  In fact, I had a glass sliding door and probably was no more than 8 or 10 feet from these birds. A bit menacing and anything but intimidated by my presence.  Foolishly I thought I could chase it away and all it did was turn and view me with those menacing eyes.  But I enjoyed his closeness which doesn’t happen often.
    Summer is coming to a close.  Things are very dry and at the moment we could benefit from some rain.  Little Sidney had her first vet appointment today. Some booster shots and a pre-surgical exam. Don’t want unexpected puppies here!  She is a very sweet dog but I’m looking forward to her maturing. So for the moment she is flat out and sleeping.
    I hope you are well.   Blessings…….Bittersweet
    P.S.  Birds are almost mystical for me.   


  4. Hi kenny, wonderful pictures!   These birds are truly amazing.   


  5. lovely blast from the past tis scary and wonderful especially when the fly from the arm……….. happy days       


  6. Coffee With Kate

     Good Morning Kenny, I have to say I really do like the top picture. I wish you a very good week ahead.


  7. Happy that you are feeling better, and that you got this opportunity.  While at an Indian Center near my home I was meditating on an old tree stump and the cook said that he came out to watch me and noticed that there was a hawk circling over my head for the duration of my meditation.  He asked several people who I was and was told that I was a witch!  He told me that I must be a very powerful one for a hawk to honor me so.  I was delighted, but feel my power is pretty ordinary and withing everyone’s reach.  How awesome that must have felt to be so close to Rolf, and feel his weight.
    blessed be 


  8.  As I have mentioned earlier the nearest I have been to these fantastic birds was on a visit to a falconry centre near Stratford. Enjoyed the pictures – your soccer forecast was almost spot on – send me your lottery numbers next week !


  9. Morning Kenny.
    Just splashing by to say hello. I’ve been away from spaces for a while, for various reasons, (so a lot of catching up to do), but I think I’m back in some way or the other.
    I’ve always loved birds of prey myself, the sight of a buzzard soaring, kestrel hovering….spectacular to witness. A falconry centre is somewhere I’d love to visit, and to feel the power of that bird on your arm must be something. I’m jealous.  lol
    Have a great weekend :) 


  10. Coffee With Kate

    Hi Kenny,
    Yes, they are indeed magnificent. I have from time to time nursed injured birds of prey back to health, most rewarding.
    Take care and enjoy what’s left of this week.


  11.  Thanks Kenny , and glad you came by, Sorry you had to see the dead bird in my cat mouth. I was going to warn you but you may not have stopped . The photo at the top is spectaular!!!!!!
    This is a story I wont forget. and do stop by. Stop anytime even if you have a good joke , Id love to hear it.
    Deep Peace to you too Kenny
    Love Smiles  and Laughs.
    Lisa xo


  12. Hi kenny
    This seems a great day out for you the photos are spectacular, It must be so exciting to hold a bird of that size and strength on your hand, I have not had that privilidge except when we visited a wild life park last year I had a Koolaborough on my head I will try and get the pic on ( have moved that album to the top)  From what you said the birds would not beable to fend for themselves having been hand reared so they are having a life that would probably not have hapened and they are teaching us about themselves!
    Lucky you
    Love Suki x


  13. Hi Kenny,
    This is so very intersteing I was hung on every word you wrote and glued to every photo you took . Words of wisdom here indeed to think befor anyone has a wonderfull bird like this for a pet or just to say they have it.
    Your photos are a pleasure to see , thanks so much for sharing this story.  If I ever get the chance to visit one I sure will , they all look so proud and regal.
    Hope the rest of the week goes just as well and exciting.
    Hugs Smiles and Laughs


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