Kenny is not a happy Bunny.

7 responses to “Kenny is not a happy Bunny.

  1. Evening Kenny. Some people only look for the ‘bad’ unfortunatley. If we all saw the ‘good’ in people and places, the world would be so much better.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend   :)


  2. Hi Kenny
    love the blog and the link to the Google pics I love the Wainwrights Walks pics, saw a prog on TV about Wainwritht and the presenter folowed in his footsteps, He was an amazing man, a true ‘Son of the North’ (Wainwright – not the presenter)
    Well your are talking to a Southerner now a true ‘daughter of Essex’ lol has the Essex Girl been as badly and unfairly malined at the Northerner? Swings and rounderbouts, all out of a lack of knowledge, I have travel through the North on our way to Scotland and also a couple of breaks in the Lake District, but we are about to address that next year we intend to do a tour of the North taking in ‘Northern Friends’ so watch out I may be knocking on your door very soon.
    Take care  my friend and watch out for ‘Icki Thump’ curtesy of Bill Oddie ( scruffy little Herbet)
    Love Suki x


  3. Good morning Kenny, did the Chanel 4 really comment that? I must miss it, how childish they are giving comments on a place they never been or lived in. Hope you clam down a bit now, have a good weekend, go get more sea bass and come down to Poole, let me cook you some my fauvoure steam sea bass with ginger and onion. Yummmmmmmmmmm! Take care. Mei


  4. Sorry I tried to paste an image of the Bridge at night in one of your links but it wont work.
    Gessssssssssssh MSN can do all but not everything. :)


  5. Some people have a nerve . How dare they cut down a place they have never lived.  This and all the other images and your word prove to me it is a fine place to live , have families . . and everything you want. I see why you could be an unhappy Bunny :) . One of your best blogs but I think they are all good.  INformative and yes Kenny you got a very good point across.
    Now I guess I will go have tea and start on my Fruit cake I promised a friend for Christmas.
    I hope the friend likes it as it has a whole Bottle of Bandi in the rescipe.  Have a wonderful weekend Dear Friend and Deep Peace to you :)
    Your Canadian Friend


  6. Hi Kenny., I have to tell you , you are so so sweet. Im just going out and I will be back later.
    Lisa xo


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