Wonders never cease.

Last Updated: Sunday, 13 January 2008, 18:01 GMT

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‘Spare part heart’ beats in lab


A new heart was grown on a basic tissue scaffold

The stripped-out shell of a heart has been made to work again – using brand new cells planted inside it.

Scientists removed all the muscle cells in a rat heart, leaving just a "scaffold" of other tissues such as blood vessels and valves.

When the University of Minnesota team added heart cells, they quickly grew and produced a pumping action.

It is hoped the Nature Medicine study will ultimately mean human or animal hearts can be crafted for transplant.  


3 responses to “Wonders never cease.

  1. The Nature Medicine Study, is truly amazing. To think scientists could make a heart for transplant in animals and humans is astounding!! 


    That’s wonderful medical news.
    Thanks for sharing…Greg


  3. I sign my name across your heart!!
    Love the planets, beautiful sequence hypnotique!
    Love suki x


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