Tribute to “Josie.”

I would like to introduce to you  "Jo". My special friend, I admire her so much for the halcyon work Jo dose with dogs. Jo devotes her time voluntarily to caring for and the re- homing of abandoned dogs. Jo has many dogs of her own and I know for a fact that Jo loves them all with a rare and deep devotion.

Please please take a little time to visit The Mayflower dog sanctuary. where Jo spends her time, all for the love of our four legged friends.

If you are a dog lover like myself you can help support the excellent work that Jo unselfishly does.




To me Jo, you are the top’s.

love Kenny x.

13 responses to “Tribute to “Josie.”

  1. Morning Kenny. What a good idea, the Hall of Fame. :)
    Plenty of mud round here, but it would be nice to have some sun for a change; could get out more.
    Enjoy the rest of the week  :)


  2. What a inspiring tribute you’ve written!  I tip my hat to both you and Jo.


  3. Hi Kenny!!
    Ya could not resist to contact Jo. Her site is gorgeous. She has been able to turn around the misery of these animals into something positive.
    Even  the way she presents each dog is so amazing. If I lived over there I think I would have adopted a couple of them! I can’t see animals suffering and I can really spank people who mistreat them!
    So you have a fish tank too! What are these? Silver dollars?
    Eggs! I know about that!! My angel lay eggs and they kind look to be at least 500 of them each time. But they do not hatch!! I think the male is to young to fertilise the eggs. I thank God for that! What will I do with all these fries? It will be heart breaking to give them away!
    Live bearer…. another story. As they lay the eggs they hatch….. I found myself scooping the fries with a fish net as the females laid the eggs so many time. It was like fries everywhere and …..snack for the other fishes. Mollies, platies and guppies…… imagine what it looks like when they all lay eggs. And you know what? They do it often. So I have decided not to intervine now. Let nature act. I have many plant ornaments that provides shelter to the fries. So the other fishes are acting like birth control. Sad but I really don’t know what to do else…… 
    I am looking forward to have a huge aquarium one day.  Mine is actually only 200 litre. Fair size for my gouramis, Bala sharks, Angels, guppies, mollies, platies. Even though they have plenty of space I want a bigger one.
    Ok have bothered you enough!
    Take care,


  4. ♥ ∂ιѕα ♥

    Morning Kenny.Thank’s for the visit and leaving comments.Bout this blogg and Jo,I agree whit you and want to say that I  admire her too,for doing that.It’s great with people who cares bout the animals. :)Take care…..


  5. Is she an angel of HOPE? I do think so!
    People like her should be helped!! She is doing a GREAT job! Wish I could help…..
    Take care,


  6. Hi Kenny
    Don’t know what I have done to get into you hall of fame but thankyou! Love the music. The answer to my riddle is ‘the letter e’. Now you know………………………..
    Blessed be


  7. Morning Kenny. Had a splash over to your friends site; I want them all!!  If only I could. Such a shame that people can abandon such fine animals.
    Hope you enjoy the weekend  :)


  8. Just stopping to say Thanks Kenny for your kind words.
    Deep Peace to you my Friend.


  9. Have a great weekend Kenny….will pop back in for a look on Jos space x


  10. What a kind thing she does, your friend Jo really is special as well as lovely.  Your Space has taken on a totally new look since last I ventured here.  Looking good Kenny.
    Blessed be


  11. Hi Kenny!! Just letting you know, I think Jo is doing a wonderful and unselfish act, and I’m sure the dogs feel a sense of love toward her as well!!!


  12. Hi Kenny,
     Interesting work . I spent some time on this web page . Lots of beautiful dogs . Lots of amazing work here. The  Abandoned And Abused Dogs  really got me. How can people be so uncaring and cruel.  Great Blog !
    Deep Peace and Have a Great Rest of the Week.


  13. That is truly wonderful.  I admire anyone who volunteers their time to such a nobel cause.  I am the proud owner of two american eskimo dogs.  I got them from 2 different rescues, when they were 1 1/2 years and the other was 5 yr.s old.  One had been neglected and never socialized,  she still shows the scars although love and patience has made a huge difference in her.  She is such a sweet little girl.  The male is a loveable little boy whose physical needs were neglected, now he is a real handsome dude with a beautul coat.  I swear he even stands more proudly.  I never understood how anyone could mistreat an animal, it is beyond my comprehension.  Thanks for sharing your friend with  us, I am going to go take a look at her site.  Here is a  picture  of Shyla and Hershey.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR Kenny!  Love Patricia xx


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