Leonard Cohen.

I am far from depressed I just like most of his music.

See how simply wedding rings can slip from fingers.


My muddy buddy Swampy in his wisdom reminded me that Leonard Cohen also wrote some poems.
 This promted me to search out a couple of old books of his that I knew were in the house somewhere, well i hoped.
The way i have it fuigered is, if you are still reading this then you must have  some interest in L.C.  So, here you find a few poems by him, i hope you enjoy.
I did not know
                                               until you walked away
you had the perfect ass
Forgive me
                                                        for not falling in love
with your face or your conversation
I would like to remind
the management
that the drinks are watered
and the hat check girl
has syphilis
and the band is composed
of former SS monsters
However since it is
New Years Eve
and I have a lip cancer
I will place my
paper hat on my
concussion and dance
I have no talent left
I can’t write a poem anymore
you can call me Len or Lennie now
like you always wanted
I guess I should pack it up
but habits persist
and women keep driving me back to it
Before you accuse me of boring you
(your ultimate triumph and relief)
remember that neither you or me
is fucking right now
and once again you have enjoyed
the company of my soul
Yes, well… I think you can safely say he had his own unique style.

Leonard Cohen.

Like a bird on a wire he tried in his way to be free.

9 responses to “Leonard Cohen.

  1. Love the idea of a snowman and the Cinnamon Buns. The Cinnamon buns sound easyer and warmer. That was funny Kenny and hey you never know what you may find in your Guest Book haha. !!!
    Deep Peace form the Sisters.
     Lisa and Bonnie


  2. Yes Im back. I darn near fell off my chair when my sister said what are you listening too now.
    She said he would have never made American Idol.  Had to tell you.
    She is joking too . She knows all about LC.


  3. Just watched the tube here. Art is so diverse. So many  are different and I have to respect some artist that show there orginality.  He is one right here.
    Thanks for opening my world a little more Kenny.
    Thanks, !!! Keep Smiling. I am.


  4. Hi Kenny,
    I know nothing of  LC but wow . My sis ter said that he is the one that photograhped a can of soup and was a big hit.  Maybe she is right I dont know. Interesting blog.
    I did know that he was an artsit but a singer.
    Have a great rest of the week.
    Hugs and Deep Peace


  5. ….. PURE ART….


  6. Splashing back. A fine list of blues greats you left me. Kings in their field.
    And the Cohen book of poems; wouldn’t happen to be 1956-1968, published by ‘Cape’ ? Have the very same book, sadly minus the front cover :( 
    Have a good day  :)


  7. Morning Kenny. I’ve always liked Leonards music, since the first time I heard Suzzanne way back in the ’60’s. He writes beautiful poetry too.
    Enjoy the rest of the week  :)


  8. Hi Kenny,
    She was either dancing to the end of love, or to the beginning of love or to the beginning of lust, (LOL)!!!  I also like Leonard Cohen’s  music. It is  deep and insightful not necessarily what I would call, depressing. Thanks for taking a walk through the Quaint little city of White Rock, with me. Take care,                                                                


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