The wind.

It is early in the morning here, the wind has awakened me from my slumber, I have not heard wind like this for a very long time. It is screaming across roof tops and whistling through the key hole in the backdoor, tin cans, bottles and other debris can be heard tumbling and rolling down the avenue. No sound yet of breaking glass.
This is a wicked wind and is sure to cause major structural damage to many properties, i hope my fence out back withstands this onslaught, not to mention the greenhouse.
The wind chime that hangs from the boa outback is manically making it’s music, far of in the distance i hear the alarm of a police car, or is it a ambulance. Dogs are barking , disturbed and fretful from the sounds of clatter.
No doubt we shall now be blasted by the media with dramatic images of the winds destructive powers, overturned lorries on the motorway, trees blown down across roads and rooftops that have completely disappeared.
I shall have to wait till dawn to see what damage has been inflicted by this most vicious wind, but until then I am of back to my bed.
I am happy I don’t live in the hurricane belt.


It is now 9am. I managed to get a couple of hours sleep, well tossing and turning to the rhythm of the howling wind, if that can be classed as sleep. The cold light of day has revealed the horrible truth, my neighbors fence has all but completely collapsed. He will not be a happy man today.    The sad thing for him is, he only erected it 6 months ago.


Oh  shit.

The sad thing for me is, my greenhouse did not escape the effects of the gale. 😦

Oh  no.

Sack it, I’m going back to bed !!!

12 responses to “The wind.

  1. Sorry for the green house! Hope you are building it back! what do you actually grow in there?
    Goddesses? Why blame the Goddesses? But yes women can be furies…. now imagine when the are Goddesses!
    As regards the huff and puff , it does ring a bell!
    Take care,


  2. Those gales were aweful weren’t they! We had tiles blown off the roof. I’m not from here originally so it was a bit strange to have the wind whipping around like that. My husband (the Englishman) is though; North East born and bred. Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed the last few days of sunshine and quieter weather… Jesa


  3. Sorry I came here by mistake from swampthing’s page .. having done so I thought I better leave a comment.I like Leonard Cohen too … and I’m not depressed either !.Love Sarah


  4. Hi Kenny,
    I love eating the fish I catch, but there was no way to bring them back 6 hours down the mountain!! Sorry, to hear about  the wind damage. That  is quite devasting to wake up to something like that, isn’t it. We are getting more snow tonight and tomorrow. You couldn’t see it in the pictures I posted today because it turns to water, then freezes at night and turns into black ice.


  5. Sorry to see the damage caused by the bad weather Kenny, hope you get it fixed soon so you can get your new spring seedlings underway!
    Love Suki x


  6. lonewolf0147

    you handsome wee chappie, well, as the story goes, there used tae be aw kinds of fish in this wee river of oors, sadly there’s no much catching these days. Though i have tae bark that since they started a clean up, there are certain wee fishes that come oot tae bite. We see some humans at the water mostly in summer fishing away, sometimes they cath wee tiddles some times they catch bigger ones.
    But hey Cherno, if yer anything like me, fish are the last thing on yer mind….WooOoofffffffff
    Thanks fur yer ind barks, yousure look like a lot of fun tae run aboot and play with. Tell yer dad that ye can come visit anytime, as long as he brings a ball tae toss.
    Take care of yer furryself and i’ll be barking with ye soon.
    Hunners a Lurve and Huge Hairy Scottish (((hugz))) tae you and aw yer Lurvely family.
    Xena…Warrior Princess
    P.S….Mom anted me to tell yer wee dad that she just LOVED the song that wis playing today on yer space. Take care, and remember, be careful oot there!!


  7. Oh dear.. Sorry to see the damage done here.. Although it was rough around here, we escaped any damage…
    Hope you have manged to straighten the fence.. But Glass is expensive now to replace, like everything else.
    I now put my Angels to work.. and dont laugh.. I mentally place them at each corner of my house, as so far since i have put this in practice we have come out unscathed with the wind, and local robberies which have happened a few doors either side.. ..
    ( I believe in Angels)
    love and Blessings Dreamwalker x


  8. Hi Kenny, I heard about that storm on our news, sorry about your greenhouse but glad no one was hurt.  We get the odd hurricane here and they can be scary.  On the other hand I enjoy a good storm.
    Hope all is well with you, have a good weekend.  Patricia


  9. Thanks for the visit Kenny,Sorry to read you had some damage. Pity you don’t live nearer, I dismantled my greenhouse two years ago and it is stood out back, glass and door are indoors or you could have had it for taking it away. I am not fir enough now to lay a new base and set it all up again.Love and Wishes,Barry and Tessa


  10. Isabelle.
                     I am talking about the hurricane belt in America, we don’t have that type of weather here, "yet" !
    RE. concrete and metal sheets. The words…" I will huff and I will puff and I will blow your house down" spring to mind.
                  Now what god’s would that be…more like goddesses.      "Sow the wind"


  11. Hi Kenny
    Beautifully calm here in Essex I think it was a hurrican just above your house what have you done to anger the Gods?
    Love Suki x


  12. Is it just the wind or some kind of storm?
    There is a Hurricane belt? Wow, you means the hurricanes are born in this area?
    Well, here we have cyclones. They can be pretty destructive too….  but here most houses are built out of concrete.
    Still poor people still have houses in Metal sheets. They have to go to community centres to be safe.
    I hate to think there are animals out there who has careless  masters or have none….
    How the wind is down by now!


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