The Trap.



While chatting to a friend last night I was reminded of a film, that I first came across when I was a teenager.

A film that once seen is never forgotten, a film with a powerful blend of drama and thrilling outdoor adventure.

Oliver Reed arrives at a trading post in 1850s British Columbia, to sell his fur’s and buy a wife.

Having missed the annual "auction" of bond maidens, he purchases a mute girl Rita Tushingham.

Dragging the panic stricken girl to his cabin in the wilderness. He tries to win her affections by bullying and cajoling her , when that fails threatening her. But she remains antagonistic and unresponsive – until she saves his life by chopping of his leg with a axe, after he is caught in one of his own bear traps and is attacked by a pack of wolves.

Oliver Reed combines crude brawling strength with surprising sensitivity, in one of his best performances and Rita Tushingham matches him scene for scene.

As a teenager this film had a profound effect on my life and to this day I still view the film at least once a year.

Usually when I feel entrenched in bricks concrete, carbon monoxide, crime and the deafening sounds of every day life in a English town.

Pure escapism for me and I can not recommend this film highly enough.


The trap. 

(Probably not suitable for feminists)



5 responses to “The Trap.

  1. Hey there Kenny,
    Yes, this is a film i have seen, not for a long time, but i do remember it making a profound statement in my wee brain, i did giggle at your femanist comment…lololol
    I can surely understand this film as much as i remember and you know what? I think i shall watch it during the week as i have it amoungst the many films i keep.  I knew i had seen it when i read this review.
    Love Diane xx
    The slowly changing relationship between the trapper and his mute wife/slave transfixed us in its humanity and fragility. The story centres around these two mismatched individuals, both handicapped in their own way as they struggle to make a life together in the canadian wilderness. From initial brutality to tolerance to interdependence and finally the eventual outcome at the end. Both Reed and Tushingham give strong performances here, especially Oliver. When he wasnt getting sauced he could turn out some amazing work.Sadly he is no longer with us and is no doubt propping up another bar somewhere in shakespeares heaven.He will be missed. I hope they repeat this on tv or release it on video again soon.It is a truly outstanding work.


  2. I bet that friend really likes Nature and the Wilderness(LOL)! I just may go and rent that movie, I know I would really enjoy it!!  Take care,


  3. Buy a wife……That does sound awful to me….does this mean I am a feminist?
    In fact I do think I tend to be feminist when I meet a macho…. I really wonder if I would have survived living at that era. Of course it is most certainly easy for us women to talk when once other women had fought for their beliefs….
    That film does sound appealing though….
    Take care,


  4. RedWillow ♥ Photography / Lisa

    Sounds Interesting Kenny, I have some fav. movies too and its nice to hear of others.
    Have a Great Week.


  5. Coffee With Kate

    Hi Kenny, lots of new stuff here…..
    I have returned from a trip into wild Africa, view blog page for details. I will as soon as I have made a selection, post some of the photographs of the wild life too.
    Thanks for your previous visit.
    In the meantime, keep warm and take care.


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