Oh no not mine.





O world of light O world

of beauty!

where are there

 pleasures so sweet

as thine ?

Yes, life is love

and love is duty;

and what heart sorrows

Oh no not mine.






4 responses to “Oh no not mine.

  1. Hi Kenny. Just came across the Ocean to see you . Love this entry . Very nice.
    Big Hugs and Deep Peace to you today. Have a Great Week my Friend.


  2. Morning Kenny,
    just back from the park with Xena, the weather is awful, wet and wild!!
    I seen this beautiful picture and poem and yes, i always think that way.
    I hope you are well my friend!
    Love Diane x


  3. Hmmmmmm very nice but where is this? taken on one of your out in space journies? love the poem
    Love suki x


  4. Kenny!
    This is a beautiful poem by E. W. Wilcox! It is true sometimes when I’m sad or lonely, all I have to do is take one look around me, at this beautiful planet and I don’t feel sad or alone anymore. Thankyou!


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