Valentine’s Day.

I whisper your name.

10 responses to “Valentine’s Day.

  1. Coffee With Kate

    good morning….just popped by to wish you a very good week-end.
    warm hugs from Cape Town.


  2. Everytime I stop by you have changed things so much.  I really like the look you have going on here.  Congrats for all your hard work.
    Blessed be


  3. Hi Kenny – thanks for keeping in touch – wow it’s cold – hope you got your thermals on.


  4. Hi Kenny and thanks for all your visits and comments. Regarding the comment on flowers/weeds, yes I agree. And like most things in life, ones view is always a collaboration of where one ‘sits’.
    I am still sifting through photographs from my last trip and need to get my but into gear and add some more to the album.
    Take care my friend and have a nice day.


  5. What a beautiful Valentine! I haven’t had a chance to put that Banner up, the one you gave me as a gift for Valentine’s Day but I will. I really like it! I have to work this week-end but I have the day off tomorrow. Take care,


  6. Hiya Kenny.
    Hope you have/had a good Valentines day. Don’t understand it all myself  lol
    Take care  :)


  7. Awwwwwwee,
    That is just soooooo lovely Kenny,
    I hope you have a wonderful Valentines day filled with Love, Laughter, Happiness and Sunshine in your Heart. 
    Give that beautiful Cherno a big (((hug))) from me and consider that a (((hug))) to you!
    Have a great day Kenny.
    Love Diane x


  8. Coffee With Kate

    Tooooo lovely! and I hope you have a fine day tomorrow.


  9. Oooohhhh! So sweet!
    You know whatfriends to can be each other’s Valentine!
    So big question! Would you be my Valentine?:O)
    Happy Valentine’s Day!
    Take care,


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