I have been tagged again by Isabelle this time.

Here goes:

Two Names You Go By:  Kenny2dogs.  Hurricane Hutch.
Things You Are Wearing Right Now: Forever in blue jeans.
Two things you want (or have) in a relationship:  44-ff.    Good food.
Two of Your Favorite Things to do:  Fishing and bog snorkeling
Two things you did last night: Drank 2 bottles of wine and fell up the stairs.
Two people you Last Talked To: Lisa my daughter and myself.
Two Things You’re doing tomorrow: tomorrow is Sunday, the day of rest.rest, and more rest.
Two Longest Car Rides:   From Middlesbrough to Stockholm, and back.
Two Favorite Drinks: Tea, coffee.
Two Things About Me you may not have known: I am shy sometimes, other times I am far from shy.
Two jobs I have had in my life: Lifeguard and gardener.
Two Movies I would watch over and over: The Trap.   Deliverance.
Two of my favorite foods: T Bone’s and cinnamon buns.
Two places I’d rather be right now:  Ulan Bator and the Canadian west coast.
Well folks there you have it, all the above words have been hammered out on the anvil of truth, well nearly all. !

5 responses to “Tagged

  1. 44 ff which is it big hands or big gob *blush* lol ….. It’s my dads birthday on the 10th too ……. Going to have to go to Whitby my mate used to work in the youth hostel their heard so much seen nothing lol ……… Lisa’s very lucky the necklace  is beautiful  xx


  2. LOL @ Isabelles’ comments ..ha ha
    Well, i’mwith you on the 2 bottles of wine since i’ve just finished the first one..lol  Holding my first glas to the second bottle up to you. Mmmm..I hope i don’t fall upstairs, it has been known!
    As for being far from shy, and shy at times, i get you….lol   
    I had to laugh also at Donnas comments for 44ff….ha ha ha ha
    Agreed, Sunday is a day of rest, for me too! 
    Nice to hear you spoke to your daughter, does she live far away? The pictures i seen of her are beautiful Kenny.
    Anyhoo, i’m half tiddled…lol  But was just checking out Spaces before i head off into outer space somewhere…lol
    Have a good, well, what’s left of the evening Kenny, chat to you soon.
    Love Diane xx


  3. Wooohoooo! My tag has answered! Greaaaaaaaaat!
    You take 2 bottles of wine to fall UP the stairs…..mmmmm
    Well a finger hight wine and I become cheerful….. I mean really cheerful…..I guess 2 bottles of wine would be…"Hey you wanna see me stand on my head?"
    Shy huh? I deffinitely have a T-bone on the meaning about 44-ff! Do I have to blush up or is it a code for 44 female for a fiesta? In this case it would be more like 44-fff!
    Thanks again for taking the tag!
    Take care,


  4. Hi, Kenny!
    Does 44-ff mean, years of age and fit, female, (LOL)? It’s an honest question! As for the West Coast of Canada, you would love it, I’m sure! Our weather is similar to England’s I’ve been told! Maybe one day I’ll visit Jolly ole England(LOL)! You have alot of interests also that is good. Hope all is well with your daughter ? Talk soon, take care,X,X


  5. Kenny Two Dogs. I Love You hahaha.
    Have a Wonderful Day.  I love t-bones too. I am forever  in Blue Jeans. and one Glass of wine Im happy two I could fall down stairs. 


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