Every cloud.

Imagine walking along a path through the jungle, when suddenly you sense that something or someone is behind you.
Upon turning you see a great golden maned Lion stalking you, instinctively you begin to walk faster, and so does the Lion.
You now begin to run and so does the Lion, running for your life now you come to a cliff edge.
A hundred feet or more down runs a river and on it’s bank a large congregation of crocodiles are sunbathing just waiting for something to eat.
4 or 5 feet down a branch is growing out from the cliff face, glancing over your shoulder you see the Lion now galloping towards you in full charge.
Your only chance of survival is to slip over the edge of the cliff and take hold of the branch.
The lion skids to a halt producing a cloud of choking dust, out of which appears 2 yellow-green angry eyes and 2 row’s of  flashing white teeth.
The Lion reaches down with it’s massive clawed paw just inches from your head. Thinking that things cannot become worse, when from the corner of your eye you notice a mouse running along a little ledge, and begin gnawing at the branch you are holding on to for dear life.
With the Lion above, the crocodiles below, and the mouse gnawing on your life support, you see a big red berry growing at the end of the branch.
Leaving go with one hand you reach out for the berry, pick it and place it in your mouth, while thinking to yourself how sweet it tastes,
the branch snaps.
The moral of this story I think is, it matters little how hopeless your situation, there is always something good somewhere to be derived from it.

8 responses to “Every cloud.

  1. Happy belated birthday! Interesting blog. Mei


  2. Hello Mate,
    just a quick note to say well done against the Arse yesterday, and bad luck against the Villa on Wednesday.
    Boro were much better than the Villa for the first half & really should have been 3-0 up.
    The penalty was questionable, mido should have scored, and George Boateng was superb, up until he tried to get Olof Mellberg sent off by pretending to get hit in the face.
    Sorry George but that was uncalled for.
    Overall I thought we were luck to get a point, which on balance was probably undeserved.
    Like the story, but with my luck, the berry would probably be poisonous!
    Hope you had a happy birthday, and your daughter liked the Whitby Jet.
    I saw a very interesting programme all about Whitby & the Jet , and the industry ( now sadly gone ) that was built up around it.
    Take care Kenny,
    Good luck in the prem, though I dont think you will need it, there are plenty of worse teams in the league, and I really dont think you are in any danger of relegation…..but  it would be quite interesting to hear your opinion of Gareth Southgate as a manager.
    Seee you soon
    Woof woof !


  3. Very good philosophy, Kenny! The only thing is it is hard to see that perspective when you are going through something traumatic, like you described(LOL). Take care, my friend, XX


  4. good post kenny, hope you had a nice birthday yesterday, sorry I didnt get to stop by – the lists of who has blogged are not being updated at the moment it seems, take care – nita.


  5. Hi Kenny, On reading this I was thinking you were having a bad dream after too much celebrations of the many birthdays in your life at the moment! 
    Glad you had a good time
    Love Suki x


  6. Zooming back in to thank you SO much for such a nice comment, Kenny.  I may have "been thru the mill", but you know what they say about mills:  on the other side of that mill is the "amber waves of grain", lol, and it’s mine :D
    I’m not hungry for one thing, tg.  Took forever, but there really was light at the end of the tunnel.  Gawd, this is enough cliches for the day.


  7. Oh boy, Kenny, I LOVED this post!  And Isabelle’s answer was perfect…it’s the same thing that crossed my own little berry mind, lol.  Even tho, after I got past the humor of it all, I do agee:  there is something good in every situation — one just needs to glance in a different direction to see it.  :D
    PS/  Did you save any cake?  Send it  😉


  8. Or the moral of the story would be: STAY AT HOME AND WATCH TV! LOL
    Well, I do agree with the story and would go running to buy a lottery ticket if I could attract the mouse with the berry throw it up so that the lion would want to grab it, lose balance and be the snack for the crocs below instead of my a$$!
    Hope you had a great birthday yesterday and did attend it. I was wondering how I would meet the other and Isa didn’t go to the party…sniff sniff
    Anyway I go away with shame……
    Take care,


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