One of my favourite poems. When we fall in love,

sometimes it is as if we are dreaming !!!








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Love, when first we met, ‘twas like two planets meeting,

Strange chaos followed; body, soul, and heart

Seemed shaken, thrilled and startled by that greeting,

Old ties, old dreams, old aims, all torn


And wrenched away, left nothing there the


But the great shining glory of your smile.



I knew no past; ‘twas all a blurred, bleak


I ask no future; ‘twas all a blinding glare.

I only saw the present as men taste

Some stimulating wine, and loose all


I tasted loves elixir and I seemed

Dwelling in some strange land, like one who



MySpace Layouts

By E.W.Wilcox.



I hope I never fall in love again.

  I am to old for all that "strange chaos"

I have tracked back to this old post, so some may recognize it and

I make no apology for repeating a  post.

Have a safe and pleasent week ahead.




10 responses to “Surrender.

  1. test


  2. test


  3. 2 words:  Absolutely Beautiful….


  4. Hey! Quit reading my hear? You got an evil eye or what?
    And I stand in the middle of the wild rooms with a stick in one hand, my wallet in the other..come see me if you can get your own stick out of the mud..bring money, words are of no use there.
    And anyway, the limits of the one-liners is cereal contract material, not beer commercials good friend..and how’s your dogs doing? Chasing birdies away?
    But Utube for me, solitude for you..good for both of us my friend.


  5. Very pretty poem, thanks for sharing.  Glad to hear you finished your spring clearning.  I’m not sure I’ll get to mine anytime soon, maybe after I finish my term papers.  It’ll all still be there waiting.


  6. I really enjoyed this.
    Thank you for your comments the other day; my heart goes out to you. Thank you for sharing the dad’s perspective. And, ….. yes it was quite difficult to pen.
    xx Jesa


  7. RedWillow ♥ Photography / Lisa

    Hi Kenny , Your Jay is wonderful!! Birds flee when they see me coming. I think I make too much noice out of excitment of seeing them.
    Your written words are beautiful to say the least.  Your creativity is what draws me to your space .  I love it…
    The lady these words are ment for is lucky to have them . Have a Wonderful Week.
    Deep Peace always to you my Dear  and keep getting the Birds.


  8. Kenny, your poetry is absolutely beautiful and the music goes with it so well.  Seeing and being able to get the picture of the jay had to of been so thrilling for you.  Thankyou so much for sharing the picture and the poetry, I wish you a wonderful week also. ((hugs)) Patricia


       Romantic and beautiful. Thanks for sharing this. I adore poetry such as this.


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