Eric in the fire.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MY OLD FRIEND ERIC ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
It was around this time of year when one of my favourite dogs died, and I have been thinking about him and the great times we had together. A massive dog with a gentle temperament, he was an amazing dog in many ways.
 Thinking about him reminded me of a picture I took while I was burning his old kennel, a spooky picture indeed. You can see his head in the flames saying goodbye.
This picture has in no way been tweaked, or tampered with in any way what so ever.
It is a true representation of what happened.  "spooky" or what. ?

After Eric died I burned his old kennel, you can s


This is a photo of Eric just before he died.



Eric dying at my feet.

Very rarely indeed dose one find a dog so loving and so beautiful, he is greatly missed.


Old chap.

13 responses to “Eric in the fire.

  1. Oh gosh….Kenny, you know what an animal lover I am, and even just seeing the title of your blog, I knew, I just knew, and my eyes watered up.  Then I read about Eric and looked at his last photo and cried even more.  I tell ya, it’s exactly like losing a human family member, isn’t it.  The "missing" never seems to go away although the tears subside from daily to just once in a while.  Still, there’s such a mark on our hearts.  I guess the good thing about it is that will such love felt, you KNOW they felt it coming from you.  What a gift, what a gift.  Eric was truly beautiful and his face shows sweetness and love.  The pic of the fire is incredible to be sure.  I think he was watching over you and still is.  If that were my photo, I’d frame it.     XXX


  2. Thanks for that amazing dog picture.
    Thanks also for visiting my space and for your kind comment.
    Yes we usually get blue tits nesting in that box and others – I have already seen them taking a look and pecking around the entrance hole as they do.  We also usually get a pair of collared doves nesting in the crown of that damson tree – that can be a nuisance as our terrier barks at them all the time!


  3. Coffee With Kate

    Hello Kenny, thanks for the visit and your comment which brought about a little chuckle. Gosh your space does look all new and fresh. Sorry to hear about your dog…..
    Go well and enjoy the day as well as the week-end.
    Warm hugsKat


  4. Glad to hear you are a strong person – I thought that quote was right on.  Peace.


  5. Hi, Kenny!
    I just wanted you to know, I am thinking about you, dear friend! You have been there for me and I appreciate your friendship, probably more than you realize. Take care, XX


  6. Bittersweet on-the-hill.

    Hello Kenny,
    I just wanted to pop in and say hello.  I was looking at the photo of Eric and must agree……it surely is spooky. What a distinct imagine !  It is surreal.
    Spring is just beginning to show it’s face.  Mid fifties next week – but I must admit I had my doubts. We had wet snow several days last week which can be very dis-spiriting. It is so wet outside that we’ve had to delay both the racking and the tilling of the garden. I really want to get my lettuce and spinach in next week.  Which reminds me, I should order my top soil and mulch.  I really can’t put off these tasks much longer.
    Kenny…..i hope all is well with you and  that your spring and summer holds lots of promise.  Thank you for sharing the photo of Eric.  Blessings from the hillside of Bittersweet


       I see the dogs face in the fire. I am so sorry for your loss. I had a black back german shepard growing up at home. He was an incredible dog. That breed of dog is very loyal and smart. 
        I hope you have a wonderful week ahead,


  8. Wow, what a picture!  Sorry for your loss.
    But thak you for the chuckle you gave my on your comment on my blog – no, not heading to England, tho I wish I was.  Just in need of a new raincoat becuse the last one had a rip that was not repairable.  And the suitcase is to replace my old one that is so must smelling from being in the damp basement at my old house.  I will be going to FL for a conference in May and needed to buy it for that trip.


  9. Oh, Kenny! It is so sad to loose such a good friend! Eric sounds from how you describe him as a wonderful companion and I can see, what a beautiful dog he was. Thankyou for the Birthday wishes, much appreciated. You are a wonderful, friend!  Take care,XX


  10. wow i can see a dogs head in the flames one last picture moment captured forever….My child hood dog was called sandy…such an intelligent dog (as kids we always had pets)he used to knock the door to come in…wouldn’t let anyone in the garden while my litttle brother and sisters played…could do all sorts of tricks and would follow us everywhere…had to be put to sleep in the end as his back legs couldn’t take his weight anymore….animals are so much more than just around…with the right owners they give love, comfort and plenty of smiles


  11. Hello mate, thanks for your wishes for the villa against manu.. ho ho ho I’m glad I never put a bet on, I honestly thought that we could get a draw…… ha ha ha….. then I woke up & it was sunday, my head hurt, and they had put 4 past us.. talk about a blow up.
    People forget how deeply the loss of a pet can affect us, they become part of your family, and like when a member of you family dies, their loss can take some getting over.
    Spooky photo though!
    Take care dude, look after yourself
    All the best
    Woof woof ! ( Seadog )


  12. Oh wow. What an awesome photo. Eric was indeed a beautiful dog. And, I know you must miss him a lot.
    I recently added to my photo album and one of the snaps was of me hugging my dog Boxcee. We had to have her put to sleep the day that photo was taken; so we spend a couple of hours in the back yard saying goodbye… Her quality of life was gone, but it was the hardest thing to have to do. I held her head and stroked her as she died. We buried her and placed a hand-engraved stone plaque at the head of her grave. A couple of months later we noticed a bush growing at her grave site. In the 13 years we’d live there, there had never been a bush or tree in that spot. It developed into this lovely little tree with purple blooms. Purple is my favourite colour. Two years later when my cat Toupee died of cancer, we buried him next to her. The little tree seemed to reach out half its branches towards his grave. It grew that way from that point on. It was an amazing thing to watch. They were best mates you see…
    Thank you for sharing this. I have tears in my eyes now, but they are good tears of sweet memories.
    xx Jesa


  13. OMG is that my imagination,….but I do see a dog’s face……..spooky. That picture gives me the chill.
    Well, I do think that the spirits of our compagnions stay with us for a while…..
    Eric was a very beautiful dog and I bet he was very luck to have had a master and friend like you…..
    Pets are like family members and I do understand that you miss him….
    Take care,


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