Durham Cathedral

Visited Durham Cathedral over the week end

hoping to take some pictures of the place from the top of one of the towers.

Alas even the best laid plans, ETC.

The weather was not  kind, a freezing cold biting wind and snow meant that we were confined to mostly indoor activities.



Shot from across the river.


However, we did enjoy a walk along the river in-between the snow showers.

While walking along the riverbank I saw a flock of

House Martins flying through the snow.

I remember thinking to myself at the time, that

House Martins and snow just do not go together.



Sheltering from the snow.


I could not have been more certain that they were indeed House Martins, no Swifts or Swallows yet

But surely they must be on their way.


I was less certain about the identity of a diving bird, that I followed up the river for a while taking pictures of this mystery bird as I walked.

I am familiar with most birds that we have here in England, but this bird has me beat.



What is this bird ?


At first I thought it to be a Cormorant,

But then noticed that it had a slate blue plumage.

All I can think of is that it must be some kind of

“Diver”, but what kind ?

what is it ?


If anyone can identify this bird please let me know as it is driving me up the wall not knowing.

Have a great weekend everybody, and remember, "if it ain’t broke don’t mend it."



Just thought to show you a pic of a little cheeky Chaffinch,

taken today in the park.





16 responses to “Durham Cathedral

  1. Morning Kenny.
    How’s that camera? Waiting for some more pics  lol
    The Egret was with a 300mm lens, and I just happened to be in the right place/time. Pure luck; he flew straight accross my field of vision.
    Enjoy the rest of the day  :)


  2. Why  thankyou  Suki.
                                                   That is praise indeed comming from you.  


  3. Hi kenny smashing pictures very well caught love the little chaffinch, as for the diver no idea I was going to suggest Swampy would know but I see he has already put in his twopennoth!   Glad you are having so much fun with the camera you have got to grips with it really well
    Love suki x


        Such a tiny beautiful bird. The cathedral is breath-taking! Glad to see you are enjoying the sights and taking wonderful pictures at the same time.
       Have a glorious weekend,


  5. Hi, Kenny, I’m back and catching up on your blogs.  Gorgeous shots you have;  I was looking at the bird and wondering if it’s possible that it’s in the Loon family. You might ck that.  There are a few different ones with different colored heads (some dark and some light) and even one with a red chest. But I used to have Loons on my lake and this looked so familiar.  Only guessing, that’s all but Loons are known as "divers" for sure.
    Ahhhh, Durham Cathedral….well even with the snow and not being able to take inside pics, Kenny this was BEAUTIFUL.    <sigh>  One day I’m going to have to visit.  I love coming to your space for my own personal travelogue, lol.   Thanks for doing what you do; it’s sooooo enjoyed. XXX


  6. So Cormoran it is?
    Take care,


  7. RedWillow ♥ Photography / Lisa

    Hi Kenny, Beautiful shots. all of them and So Interesting.
    This little Brid here at the end has my heart.
    I love the Blue you put in my GuestBook . I can see why he is A Champion. Very nice.
    I will have to take a photo of a Bull . They are nt groomed , Brushed and full of Hair Spray  but will get one anyways.
    Thanks Kenny !!
    Deep Peace to you always my Dear
    Lisa xo


  8. Hi Kenny
    Beautiful photographs! I went to Durham cathedral some years ago. It certainly is well worth a visit! Looking forward to seeing more of your photography!
    Peace and blessings to you and yours


  9. Morning Kenny. Some great pictures there with that new toy :)
    The mystery bird certainly looks like a Cormorant. Their breeding plumage has this lighter look to the neck, and sides. Great fishermen too  lol
    Enjoy the rest of the day  :)


  10. Kenny, what beautiful pictures.  I hope the weather turns warmer for you very soon.
    Thank you for your kind thoughts – they are greatly appreciated – the situation shook the family up quite a bit.  Peace.


  11. hi kenny, enjoyed your post, chaffinch is gorgeous, but I am no good at naming birds, you are the second post this week to be asking for a bird to be named. take care and have a good weekend. nita.


  12. Gorgeous photos.    I showed the bird to my Englishman and he said he thinks it’s a Comorant. More interestingly, he says it looks exactly like one he and his mate see every day at work.  It always shows up at 12:15–he says you can set your watch by it. They work along the River Wear, so it could be the same family, could even be the same bird. Small world… xx Jesa


  13. Accccck….. I gave googled it with no success…..now we are both going crazy……as if you didn’t know it was contageous!!:OP
    Keep me posted….and if I get an epiphany…I run back to you.
    Take care,


  14. The LOCHNESS CREATURE…..no we are not in the right region.
    Going to make some research…..
    Take care,


  15. Hi Kenny – we love Durham Cathedral too – nice pictures.  Shame about the weather.  Have not identified  your diving bird though, still trying.  Gorgeous little chaffinch too.


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