Killer Elephant.

ITN – 24.04.2008 10:26

Three trampled to death by elephant

Three trampled to death by elephant (© ITN 2008)

© ITN 2008

At least three people have been killed and several injured after an elephant went on a rampage in India.

The male elephant went berserk after being teased by an intoxicated man, and destroyed a temple’s theatre and tower during a Hindu festival in a town in Kerala.

Footage was captured on amateur video of the animal repeatedly trampling the man, hurling another with its trunk and attacking other elephants.

"The elephant was provoked by a man who was drunk," police official P S Suresh said.

The director of a company that owns elephant in the region said forest officials rushed to the spot and fired tranquillisers to calm the elephant.

Hundreds of captive elephants are hired by organisers of fairs and festivals in southern India to attract people, and often cause accidents.

At least 49 people have been killed by elephants in southern India since August 2006, the Kerala Elephant Lovers Association said.

Well all I can say is well done to the Elephant.

10 responses to “Killer Elephant.

  1. I have seen so much of this happening lately in the news! Elephant’s are wild animals and should not be taken out of there element and forced to provide entertainment for humans. They may seem docile and gentle and for the most part are.  They can only take so much and like that old saying goes, " An Elephant never forgets", well maybe it’s true! After all the abuse and confinement, no wonder they retaliate. Take care,
    Donna Mae XX


  2. Kenny,
    Thank you for your kind words.  My father is home now and recuperating and my sisters and I are exhausted, but we’ll bounce back too.  Take care.


  3. I hate to see animals used in this way, just doesn’t sit right with me.  I boycotted circuses years ago, I can’t stand seeing these poor innocent creatures in that environment.
    Take care kenny.  Pj


  4. Hi Kenny – thanks for your visit and kind words re my painting.
    I  have just enjoyed your last 2 blogs thanks – beautiful bird photos…well done there.
    You were right about the weather – wet this morning!


  5. Bittersweet on-the-hill.

    Hello Kenny,
    Interesting tidbit on elephants.  What you dish out, you usually get back.  Unfortunate for both parties.  I’m glad your weather is improving. Ours has as well.  We’ve  enjoyed two weeks plus of incredibly nice weather.  We have started planting outdoors as well as started the peppers and eggplants inside.  We’ve now experiencing some cooler weather and hopefully by early/mid May we’ll continue with some normal or above normal temperatures. We still risk the possibility of frost at night but hopefully we’ll be in the safe zone real soon.
    It’s interesting that you should ask if I was doing any writing.  I’m struggling to take a 10 week course on revisions and pulling some works into a chapbook. It is tempting but also exhausting in terms of expectations.  I’ll have to make a decision in the next few weeks.
    Other than that my friend, I am well.  I hope much the same with you.  Blessings from this side of the pond.  Bittersweet


  6. that is sad…♥~♥ :oD the shortest distance between two people is a smile… :oD ♥~♥ 


  7. Coffee With Kate

    I have spent much time observing them and I have to say I adore elephants!


  8. hear hear… xx Jesa


  9. I won’t have said better!!!!
    I have watched i a doc how they catch wild elephants and the treatment they received for them to get tamed! Inhuman!!!
    Some elephant owners really care about their elephants while some just think CASH!!
    They are even exterminated because they destroy plantations……These plantations were not supposed to be on their feeding ground just because humans needs these!
    Now these elephants are hunted for being on their lands…….they were their centuries ago……
    Take care,


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