Fun Fun Fun.

Sometimes my imagination just run’s riot and leads me into realms that I am unfamiliar with.

But it is fun and “fun” is what life should be over flowing with.


If you are not having fun then it is imperative that you discover something that affords you fun.

Fun is what keeps us happy and healthy, fun is the chief mainstay in maintaining a positive outlook on life.


This picture is the result of my having fun,

“Experimenting with the possibilities”

Pushing yourself to the absolute limits of your capabilities.

In a word…learning something new.


OK, this picture is no great work of art,

But I had great fun creating it.

A friend suggested  “The Terrible Twins” as a caption.


If you can think of a caption then please feel free to leave a comment.

If not, then it is no big deal,

Your mere presents here is my reward.




Have a fun filled week folks .

"We" will.  🙂




16 responses to “Fun Fun Fun.

  1. Amiee.
                                            The soul is concidered to be the imortal part of man, 
                                               this is why I do not believe  we posses a "soul’s".
                                               For nothing on this planet, (not even the planet) is imortal.
                                              Quite simply, this picture was in me and it just wanted to be born.
                                                However, I can flirt with the idea that :  the picture represents the
                                               good and  bad in people.   Who I truly am and who I am most certainly
                                                 PS.    Snails climb up wall’s, not slugs.   probably to escape the


  2. Ever consider that you just might have created a portrait of what your soul actually looks like? for is not art an expression of the soul? x


  3. Fun whats that? Cognac was pleasant but hey all these wenches can run faster than my zimmer frame !


  4. Kate.
               Yes life indeed is a wonderful journey of discovery. But I believe we need more than one life to discover all. "If only we could live more than once"   I can smell something nice emanating from your kitchen. Keep having fun.
                     Imagination rules the world, well my world anyway.
                     Just love your comment, perhaps I should have put a red nose on them   lol.
                  The longer some people look the less they see, pleased you  see all.
    Sara One Beam.
                                      This heavenly light is a distraction from the earthly darkness that abounds.
    Deep peace to you.
                 My Mother would read D. Wheatley, personally I found him a somewhat corny.
    A word in your shell like my dear Suki…shhhhh…whisper…whisper…I "can" be a little devil at times, but don’t tell anyone.  lol
                     Well my dear Donna, if it was a contest to find the funniest caption then yours would have been up there, just love it. lol
                        Xena your caption also comes close to being a winner. Give yourself and your lovely mam a big sloppy lick from me, shall be sniffing you both out soon at your place.
                      I am  pleased your spirit was lifted, pop back soon you are most welcome.
    hope you enjoyed your visit to your relatives.
                My deer deer Lisa, it is you who is the special one   not  I . what with all those beautiful photographs you produce, they are wonderful, and I love visiting your space.   Keep up the good work, but don’t overdo it.   my friend and yours "Suki" takes lovely photo’s  of flowers and gardens.
    btw..where is that big steak you promised ?   I have a hungriness all over my body.   lol.
    Well folk’s that’s it for now just time to say thank you for popping in and leaving your welcome comments.  I shall be visiting you all very soon.   xx


  5. Oh Kenny,  You are so special. I was fine and no tears until I looked in my Guestbook. Thanks  for your Artist work . I love it. 
    I have another Friend who has emailed me somethings and I should post them as well.  Ya you got me today. Ha.!! Now I have to fix my makeup again and then Im off to a Greenhouse to by some plants for my Garden.
    I ‘ll have to come home and cook you up a big steak. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Deep Peace always to you
    Love Lisa xo


  6. Barkie Bark my Fearless, handsome starved oot furry friend,
    Have you been fed yet???   If ye’ve no tell yer green faced wee dad i’m gonny come over and bite his Bahookie, how’s his heid, is is better noo…hee hee hee…That’s whit he gets fur having too many glasses of giggling juice and furgetting tae feed ye.
    Anyhoo, i just LURVE Ox heart, my mom buys it every month fur me, though i remember the first time she bought it and tried tae cut it up fur cooking and when she put the knife in it, well, ye guessed it, hunners a red stuff splattered aw over the wall and moms face….hee hee  She wis nae very happy!
    Aye, ma wee dad wis nae too happy at aw with the results, he even went tae his bed early…boo hoo, whit a shame. Tell yer dad he knows the pain.
    Anyhoo, dads’ blasting oot ACDC or is it ZZtop, it’s noisey anyhoo, i’m off tae join them jumping aboot the room with their air guitars…ha ha ha ha
    Hope the Ox Heart defrosts before ye turn intae a skeleton Cherno, gie yer lurvely dad a huge bark in his ear, it may cure his green face…..ha ha ha ha
    Waggily Tails, Hunners a Lurve and Slobbery licks tae the both of ye!!
    Yer wee Scottish Lassie Xena…..xxXxx


  7. Kenny,
    I stopped by to leave you a comment the other day but my computer was not cooperating at all and I kept getting booted out of Internet Explorer.  I’m enjoying your pictures but I’m terrible at putting words to pictures – I feel I’ll do a disservice to them. 
    You most definitely have a way with words and you lifted my spirit immensely with your comment this morning – thank you very much.  And I am taking your advise and not looking for anyone, when it is meant to be it will happen.  Peace my friend.


  8. RedWillow ♥ Photography / Lisa

    I agree your having fun Kenny . I think this is hard to create. Havent tried.
     Keep having fun and I cant wait to see whats next. 
    Deep Peace
     Lisa xo


  9. "Oh Deerie Deer me"……Hee Hee
    Hey there Cherno,
    Thanks fur sniffing on by this morning before ye headed oot tae the park, i hope ye managed tae catch one of those pesky wee Squirrlies. Whit a dream that wis! Could ye just imagine it Cherno, you and me playing in the park then along comes these giant Squirrlies chasing us up a tree….HELPMABOAB!   That was some nightmare….*shudder*.
    Well, i’m still trying hard tae catch up but that mom of mine has sleepyitis and has nae switched on the compter tae noo, dad sure will be happy if the Gers win 1-0. He’ll be shouting at the TV laiters. It’s awfy hot oot there so mom has decided tae leave the garden fur no and go fur a wee cat nap, whit a lazy bum she has been the day. Right, best be off Cherno, until next you take care and gie yer lurvely wee dad a slobbery lick fae me…..tattie bye fur noo ma handsome furry Friend.
    Xena  xXx


  10. "The  Eyeballs of the Universe"! LOL
    I miss you, take care, XX


  11. Did you ever read the Dennis Wheatley books about the occult!   ‘The Devil Rids Out’ sprang to mind as soon as I saw this!!
    Suki x
    Ps I don’t mean you are a devil ………………….. xxxx


  12. Love this–it looks like some sort of heavenly light-being………having fun!  Stopped over from Bittersweet’s place. 


  13. That’s cool! The longer you look, the more you see… awesome dude! xx  Jesa


  14. I think I see Rudolph peering out of your experiment.  LOL
    Thank you for the Mother’s Day wishes you left for me.


  15. Geezzzz….you need some serious waxing!!! Are these horns peeking out from your nose?LOL!!!
    I bet my friend Steven Spielberg could use it in one of his creations!!
    It looks like a gremblin which is getting rid of the rest of his supper…..
    Title to my film?
    " Gremblim getting rid of a two headed monster after dinner"
    I think you are right! I it is fun to play with our imagination! And I think we forget to do it most of the time in a world where everything has to be logical.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Take care,


  16. Coffee With Kate

    I like your experiment. And I ecco your words. fun is important and ‘discovering’ for me is a never ending wonderful journey.
    have a fun week


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