When will they ever learn.

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Warning as species drop by third

A Panama Golden Frog (Image © Arnulfo Franco/AP/PA Photos)

Populations of animal, bird and fish species have dropped by almost a third since 1970, conservationists have warned.

The Living Planet Index, which tracks the fortunes of more than 1,400 species of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, revealed numbers had declined by 27% in 35 years to 2005.

Particularly badly hit are marine species, including the swordfish, which plummeted by 28% in ten years between 1995 and 2005, while ocean birds have seen numbers fall by 30% since the mid 1990s.

The report by conservation charity WWF comes ahead of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity next week, which will discuss aims to achieve a "significant reduction" in the current rate of biodiversity loss by 2010.

The pledge was made by the world’s nations in 2002 "as a contribution to poverty alleviation and to the benefit of all life on Earth".

The white tiger is one of the most endangered species in the world with an estimated of 240 in existence (Image © Santiago Llanquin/AP/PA Photos)

The report said that despite the declines appearing to flatten off in recent years, it is "very unlikely" governments will meet the 2010 target.

Colin Butfield, head of campaigns at WWF-UK, said: "Biodiversity underpins the health of the planet and has a direct impact on all our lives so it is alarming that despite an increased awareness of environmental issues we continue to see a downward trend."

He urged the Government to work to reverse the trend which in the UK sees people generating carbon emissions and consuming natural resources at such a rate that if everyone lived like us we would need three planets to sustain us.

The conservation charity also warned a failure to halt biodiversity loss would have negative impacts for human beings.

James Leape, WWF director general, said: "No one can escape the impact of biodiversity loss because reduced global diversity translates quite clearly into fewer new medicines, greater vulnerability to natural disasters and greater effects from global warming."

6 responses to “When will they ever learn.



  2. Hey there My Hansdome Furry Bahookie Fearless GSD!!
    Well, as my wee mom has been saying fur years "n" years, there’s a hellava lot aw the humanoids could learn aboot life through us Marvolous animals if they would just take a step back fae thier blooming well huge EGO and know whit they are doing tae oor Mother Earth and aw oor WunderwooOoofal animals. Yer dad’s right.."When will they ever learn?"…
    Anyhoo, Mr Handsome how are you this fine evening?  Is yer wee dad still singing fae the clouds above? Well, tae be honest with ye Cherno, if yer dads happy with his new Alpha female then oyu should feel aff him that it’s right, and whit makes yer wee dad happy makes you happy too….Right?   Yeah, you know i am, and if there’s one thing ye never have tae worry aboot and that’s wiether or no she’ll like you. Lets face it Cherno, who in there right mind could nae mesmerised by yer sheer Fearless GSD Furry Self? I really don’t think ye’ve anything tae worry aboot, and anyhoo,  sniff at it this way. Dae ye really thnk that yer dad would befriend a potential Alpha if she did nae like us dogs?…Well…Would he?…I think NOT!!!   So don’y ye go worrying yer Furryself my lurvely Cherno, and ye know if yer ever worried aboot yer dad, just gie me a wee bar and i’ll be there like a shot. My ears are your ears my Canine Lupus.
    Mom and i are soooooooo Tickle-Delighted that yer wee dad is singing i the morning, after aw Cherno, ye know he deserves that extra happiness that us canines canny gie the humanoids. I’m lucky because my wee mom has dad, just you remember Cherno, that nae matter whit happens, ye’ll always be inside yer lurvely wee dads heart, we do that tae oor humanoids ye know. Yer wee dad deserves aw the happiness that life can bring him, and both you and i know whit a special humanoid he is, so he desreves tae share that quality with someone who makes him happy. Ye know, that wee bark sure did make my wee mom and i smile the day.
    You take care my Fearless Handsome Cherno, always i am thinking of ye and how we could run and run and rund through the long grass and splash aboot the waters a howling at the evening moon. You sleep well Cherno, gie that wee dad of yours a big slobbery lick fae me wee Xena Warrioe Princess and wish him aw the best fae me and wee mom.
    Always thinking of ye my wee Cherno……….Wags"n"Wiggles……….Yer wee Scottish Pin-Up Dog…Xena….Wuuurrrffffffffff…..*sniff*sniff*sniff*………aroooooooooo


  3. What a sad commentary on the human race.  Greed – its what motivates many – unfortunately.
    Sorry I haven’t stopped by in a while – life has been hectic of late.  Hopefully I can enjoy some lazy summer days soon.


  4. Hi Kenny, thanks for stopping by, hope you have a nice bank holiday too! Mei


  5.  I totally agree with this blog Kenny. There’s only 2 ways our planet is being destroyed and it always leads to one thing, humans. Lets not forget, the greed of money and politics. It’s always one thing. Only we could have made the change, but it’s too late now cus it has gone too far and the government doesn’t want to put a stop to it cus his greed for money. It’s a shame and horrably sad. Prepare for the worst!


  6. Yep I agree fully with the title of your blog and its content.
    We are sending guys to the moon and back, making wonders in technology and exploring space but we can f**king understand the use of an eco-system.
    MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!! I don’t think money will save us from what is coming up if we continue to have our head in the sand and our a$$es suntanned.
    Take care,


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