Macbeth Act 5, scene 1, 26–40

Lady Macbeth.


Macbeth Act 5, scene 1, 26–40

Lady Macbeth, as has become her wont, sleepwalks through the royal castle. As her waiting-woman and her doctor listen in, she mutters fragments of an imaginary conversation that recalls the night she and her husband conspired to murder King Duncan The hour is two o’clock; she upbraids her husband for his bad conscience; she insists that there will be nothing to fear once they’ve grabbed the crown; she marvels at how much blood Duncan had to shed. As Lady Macbeth replays this scene for the eavesdroppers, she not only incriminates herself, but also reveals the pangs of conscience she had ridiculed in her husband.

 Lady Macbeth, who scorned him then, now finds the blood dyed into her conscience. The king and queen persist in imagining that physical actions can root out psychological demons, but the play is an exposition of how wrong they are.


Justice is conscience, not a personal conscience but the conscience of the whole of humanity. Those who clearly recognize the voice of their own conscience usually recognize also the voice of justice.

Alexander  Solzhenitsyn.


I am bedeviled to comprehend why the World,  continuously refuses to listen to it’s conscience.

The little voice inside it that says, " hey  something is out of tune"

Listen to your conscience it is telling you which way to go.




The following is a passage taken from one of  The £airds  recent posts.



The Texas Supreme Court has upheld a lower court decision which says 460 children removed from a  ranch run by a religious sect should be returned to their parents.

 "On the record before us, removal of the children was not warranted."

The ruling shatters one of the largest child-custody cases in US history. State officials said the removals were necessary to end a cycle of sexual abuse at the ranch in which teenage girls were forced to marry and have sex with older men.

 The ranch is run by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The church teaches that polygamy brings glorification in heaven.


How can the idiots that comprise the Texan Supreme Court of "justice" sleep at night.

Have they no conscience.

When these muppets are laid to rest

they should be face down.


On a lighter note it’s Summer.







18 responses to “Macbeth Act 5, scene 1, 26–40

  1. Jake.
                                                 The  £aird is not " inferring " that "you" or the Mormons
                                                   condone or sanction this immoral and disgusting blight.
                                                   He simply  draws your attention to the fact that,
                                                           the Mormons themselves are a cult/sect, and that itself
                                                     once practised polygamy.
                                                      This is not misinformation, you have misinterpreted
                                                         the £aird’s comment.  I.M.O.


  2. "So that makes it ok?"
    In what part of my post did you construe I was condoning this extremist group? I certainly don’t! But I also don’t condone the spread of misinformation. If you want to knock the Mormon religion there is enough true ammunition with which to do so. But trying to infer they condone or sanction the actions of this extremist group in Texas is wrong–because they don’t. The Official Church banned polygamy and that is fact. Anyone found practicing polygamy is excommunicated; and that’s a fact. This group in Texas is an evil one, but it’s not Mormon as it is practiced today. No more than the Wesboro Baptist hate group is Baptist… or even Christian for that fact. And FYI I’m not Mormon or Baptist. In fact I’m pretty much anti any type of organised religion. They are all cults IMO. Some being more harmful than others, but all cause harm.


  3. Mei.
                                            Only  when we a  "sure"    should we act with courage.
                                           You are quite correct of course, as usual.


  4. "not recognised by the true Church of LDS" – So that makes it ok?
    The mormons are themselves a cult – passing off one man’s "vision" of religious indoctrination. And just in case we forget why they adopted polygomy – The ‘surplus ‘ women were shared around the ‘menfolk’ when the wagon trains pulled into Utah! 


  5. Thanks for the kind words Kenny, sounds like you can read people. :-) I really love this one, really! Thankyou for the diretion. Mei


  6.  Hi Kenny, Just dropped by to say hi, have a nice weekend. Is it you singing? Nice voice! Mei


  7. Diane.                                  We  are the result of the decisions that we have made                                   in our past, we choose to live as we do.                                   If we are not happy and content, then we have                                     made the wrong decision’s somewhere down the line.                                                         and we must live with it, or change it.
                                        But people in powerful positions, who can                                     decide the fate of over 400 children. Must know in their                                       heart of hearts that they have made the wrong decision.                                                                                                                                   Who is Guruing who !!!
                                    Hi   Xena,  you lovely furry ball of fire.  So you had a
                                    WHOLE chicken  ALL to your fluffy self I bet you just
                                     Wolfed it down.  
                                     I love chicken me, but the feathers get stuck
                                        in my throat sometimes.     woofy woof woof.
                                       see you soon Xena. big licks and nudges.
                                        from your fearless furry friend  Cherno.   WHooooooo.
                                         You make a valid point there. Probably the most
                                             hated cowboy ever to ride rough shod over
                                           peoples opinions.   Also,
                                         "Bush and his family claim to be descendants
                                          of the House of Plantagenet                                 which is descended from the Royal House of Judah.
                                             He is in fact, a Crypto-jew."


  8. Well given that Texas spawned Dubya, its no wonder they reversed their decision about the


  9. *sniff*sniff*sniff*sniff*…..Oh yes, i’m in the right place…..Barkie Bark my Fearless Cherno.
    How are you this fine day?  Just wanted tae bark a wee howloh and thank you fur coming by the other day and fur the wee Burrfffday song ye barked. Moms just up so it’ll be a wee while before i get tae the park this morning, but i had tae come by and let ye know i wis thinking aboot ye.
    My mom made me some scrambled egg so i’m off tae have a wee snack while she has another wee cuppa. I got a new Ball and yummie treats fur my Burrfffday and a lurvely big Chicken aw tae my Furryself, but, if you were nearer i would have happily shared my Chicken with you Cherno.
    Right, i best get going mom wants tae sit here noo while she has her caffine shot. I’ll be back fur a visit very soon, until then Cherno i send Loadsa Lurve and Hairy (((hugz))) across the beautiful skies this morning.
    Waggily Tails, yer wee Scottish Furry Lass…..Xena……Wurrrffffffffff


  10. Good Morning Kenny,
    Well just awoke to a beautiful sunshiney morning and thought i would come by and catch up with you,
    I enjoyed this blog, it is true, humans have a terrific way of justifying their own actions regardless of that "wee Voice" we so often hear. I always believe though that there are people who choose not to have a concience, in the end it all comes down to a "Choice", what we choose to do and which path we chose to take. If in those choices that are made are an injustice then the choice is wrong and we haven’t chosen to listen to our concience. does that make sense?    …lol  Maybe not as i am only awake, but it makes sense to me.
    Anyhoo Kenny, i hope you are well my friend, Xena sends you a huge Slobbery lick to brighten your day. Take care….Diane…..xx


  11. Isabelle.                  There is nothing wrong with your logic, now go back to bed. Onebeam.                   ………………………………..To be discussed…………………………… Pookie.                              I have a daughter and grandchildren                               and I also would defend them to the death,                               if anything/one should threaten their "right" to                               a peaceful and happy life.                              I bet that lump is getting big, not long to go now. Jesa.                                "Sect" is used in the passage and in my                                   understanding the words "sect" and "                                "cult" are synonymous.                                  It is indeed a dam shame that these brainwashed                                   children are forced by  Deplodocs brained idiots,                                 to return back to their (parents)                                  What  distresses me is the fact that                                  it is allowed to happen at all. It would never                                 happen in England, but then again, morally                                 America and England are poles apart. Wolfy.                                    Nice to meet you welcome to the pack.                                    Just don’t forget who is the                                     Alpha Male around here  lol                                      Bittersweet.                                      Now don’t you go overdoing it in that                                        garden of yours, we don’t want you to go twisting                                         anything.  Will pop over to see you again soon,                                         on the hill.  hope Sydney is OK.


  12. Bittersweet on-the-hill.

    Good morning Kenny,
    Am about to have a quick lunch and then head outdoors while the weather is sunny and warm.  Most of our week will be overcast so need to take advantage when the "Gods" let the "Sun God " play!
    I was looking at Cherno and didn’t realize what an imposing animal he/she is. Very handsome.  And yes, so is that lovely "peace rose."   When the bloom comes fully into its own……she will be Queen of World.  Such lovely and such perfection.
    I too shall face the world but not with such splendor!   I trust you are well my friend.  All is well on this side of the pond.  Peace……..Bittersweet


  13. Greetings.
    And what a grand alpha male you make to :-)
    Regards. Wolfy


  14. Actually that ranch is not recognised by the true Church of LDS nor is polygamy sactioned by the Church. It hasn’t been for years and those who practice polygamy are excommunicated. This group is an off-shoot faction–a cult if you will. Kind of like the Westboro faction that claims to be "Baptist"–they too are just a cult trying to pass itself off as something it isn’t.  Nonetheless, it is a damned shame that those children had to be given back. We try so hard to ensure certain freedoms that sometimes in protecting one we are harming another.


  15. think I might of got the wrong end of the stick……….justice/injustice anyone come near my children……. they have taken there lives into my hands……. I would protected them until I had no breath left in me …


  16. good entry–and I like also what Isa said, about how we humans are so good at justifying our own actions……it takes a good bit of growing up and spiritually evolving to truly see true justice, rather than our own rationalle….I have seen both sides of that coin, and love now being able to try things on and see more acurately if I had a hand in what the trouble is……


  17. Conscience to my side of view is strongly related to how high your moral barrier is. And the two are rather intricate. So what is justice for someone how gave a blow may not be justice for someone who faulted.
    It is amazing the fine like between justice/injustice. We always seem to find a good reason to JUSTIFY  our actions…..
    Ok I should go to bed… headache is starting to mess with my logic.
    Take care,


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