Special, just for you.

A song for Sunday.



4 responses to “Special, just for you.

  1. Well Kenny,
    I have checked out your space pretty good today after your vistit,
    and I really don’t remember previous times of visits, but that’s how it goes,
    I am on the same page in so many ways I think as you,
    so I am extending an invite to you.
    I listened to the James Taylor tune, so cool to hear again,
    you know I like this mellow music as well as rock, and Carol King is another favorite.
    You gotta a friend…


  2. Reach out to a troubled soul, today and tell him he has a friend! I love this song! Take care, XX


  3. Many Blessings to you and to James–big influence on my life and thoughts……..


  4. Awweeee,
    what a lovely way to start off my Sunday morning Kenny, thank you for that  :O)
    I’m off out to the park with Xena soon, it’s a nice day here, bit cloudy but just the way i like it.
    I hope you have a wonderful Sunday, give that gorgeous Cherno a huge hug from me Kenny.
    Love to you both….Dian & Xena  xxXxx


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