The River of life.







The pure crystal clear water of a newborn river,

Springs from Mother Earth,

Trickling oh so gently, as a teardrop would trickle from a child’s cheek.



The River is born.


As she makes her way down from the mountains and hills,

She becomes older, deeper and wider with each confluence.

The river now adopts a mood of silence, still and serene, like a moon kissed lake on a windless night.



The River rests,The River rests


The gently flowing river now falls with a thunderous roar, as she cascades down into a spinning whirling pool

 Of thrashing confusion, and mist’s of swirling spray.



The River falls



 The River is wilder now and flows away rapidly, over, and around anything that stands in her way.


Nothing can halt her progress, not even mans feeble attempts, she is now unstoppable, beyond control.

At last she mature’s and is lost within the Oceans and seas of the World.



She merges with the Sea.





Rivers help give life to our Earth including ourselves, they are Natures gift to man and we love them.

   I have stood transfixed in awe at their stunning beauty,

And it breaks my heart to see them flowing black with the putrescence of man.


Dueling Banjos.
Turn "off "the play list before viewing this video.















8 responses to “The River of life.

  1. Bark..Bark..BARKIE  BARK!!!!
    Here i am, here i am, it’s me Cherno….Golly gosh that sure wis a long walk tae Yorkshire.
    Has yer wee dad got over his sore heid fae the other day….hee hee….Mom had one of them
    this morning and i did nae get oot, though she did bring me some yummielicious treats back with her. Some part of an Ox…Mmmmm.  I wis too tired oot the day anyhoo, mom kept me up way too late last night and yep she too had her music blasting oot.
    So, how is my Handsome Fearless Cherno this fine Saturday evening?  I sure hope yer well and managed tae find a good lampost on yer way back fae mine. I’m off tae the park with wee mom in the morning, nae giggling juice the night she’s being a good girl….hee hee  
    Looks like we’re in fur mair rain, silly mom and her Heyah Rain Dancing!   Well, i’ll sure tae be back barking the morra and let ye know if i catch a wee squirrlie or no. Until then my wee Cheerie Cherno you take care and gie yer dad a big slobbery lick fae me….Sniff ye laiters my Fearless Furry Friend, i’ll be a Howling at the moon fur ye the night……Arrrooooooooo
    Waggily Tails ….Xena yer wee Scottish Warrior Princess.


  2. Hey Kenny, that was GREAT!  So long since I saw trhat one, but always have to stop and shuffle the feet some when it comes on the radio!  Love the look on that kid’s face…………now that’s where it’s at , eh?  Music makes such a great connection.
    And glad to see you are a lover of the waters too.  There is no place like a river.  Medicine for my heart.  Be well, friend.  Thanks for YOU.


  3. hi kenny amazing pictures and words, thank you for sharing – I have been thinking a lot about waterfalls too.  peace be with you. – nita.


  4. RedWillow ♥ Photography / Lisa

    Hi Kenny , Beautiful Entry and Very Inviting Images .(Stunning) Love the Tune here too.
    Take Care and Deep Peace.


  5. Thanks for the words, Kenny. Beautiful pics of the water and I love the video clip, enjoy it very much. Thank you. Mei


  6. awesome Pics


  7. Man is my least favourite animal. We tarnish everything we touch. We don’t have to; but we do it anyway… because we don’t think and we don’t care. A man may be a loving soul; but men are heartless beasts.


  8. I love that lake and those falls.
    We are like that river that flows to the sea I think,
    yes we need to get back to the pure water, a dleverence.
    Enjoyed the movie scene and that great song, been a long time since I’d seen that.


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