Time to change.

  • I spend too recklessly
  • Laugh to little
  • Drive to fast
  • "Get angry too quickly"
  • Stay up late
  • Read too little
  • Watch tv too much
  • "And give thought to others feelings too seldom" 

I know it is time to make changes in my life.


There is a gateway to a path that if I decide to walk down

I could rapidly come to like.

But I don't know just where it leads, "yet"


I feel the life I have been leading

is about to become very different.


For something to begin something must finish

so, I am starting at the end !

The end.





8 responses to “Time to change.

  1. plesioso eso es lo que tedigo y lodigo de corason plesioso te merees un 10 besotes


  2. Great song – I love that one!
    Change – why does that word scare so many people.  I’m better at changes that I institute, rather than ones that are foisted upon me.  Even though I may not like a change that someone else is mandating I will usually put on my big girl panties and just deal with it.  Best of luck with your change.
    Oh and – yes, good point about the lightening :-)


  3. hi there thnx for your coment on my album. well those are my uni fellas, u have a beautiful space and well… the end is the True begining…
    Awesome right and worth pondering upon


  4. Diane.
                                       You are most welcome to copy anything you find on my space.
                                       Personally I don’t see the rain, I see the spaces between the drop’s.
                                     I shall begin at the end of my existence as a worm, and grow to be
                                                            what ever I decide. Slowly.
                                                      Thank you for your kind and wise words.
                                                                   I have taken in and absorbed every letter.
                                                          I claim my own power Sarah and shall lovingly
                                                                          create my own reality.
                                                      Unfinished business, lol.   one could describe it as such.
                                                           You are a wonderful lady Donna, and good luck
                                                                     to you in all that you do. xx


  5. Well, you know what a new beginning could mean and therefore all unfinished business needs to be taken care of and only you know what that is! I wish you all the best whatever this new life is. Take care, my dear friend! XX


  6. GREAT ENTRY, Kenny.  I am so curious!  Don’t change too much all at once, ok, or it will have a hard time sticking.  Besides, I like you the way you are.  You seem to have a great deal of heart/thoughts of others feelings.  You write about stuff not many men would get near.  Keep what is so cool about you.
    And all the best for what is forming on your horizon……..


  7. Tell me where you will begin. I know what I do that I need to change . Change doesnt come overnight for me. Its slow and easy.
    Deep Peace Kenny
    Lisa xo


  8. Hello Kenny,
    i think we are all a little guilty of more than just one from the list, i know i am.
    Yep, there does come a time when we evaluate what we see looking back at us
    from the mirror, well mine cracked this morning….lolol
    I do like that quote "For something to begin, something must end"   
    I know there are a few things i need to end, i think i may even write that quote with a
    apt picture and print ot off for my noticeboard, would that be okay?
    I hope you are well Kenny, the rain still pours but i like rain  :O)
    Just off to make a wee coffee then do some writing, going to try and get an early night..lol
    Take care my friend….Love  Diane  xx


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