A prickly subject.

~~~~~~~ A prickly encounter ~~~~~~~


Late last evening around 11pm while I lay upon my sofa, I noticed that the rear security light had been activated. This was not an unusual occurrence, as my next door neighbor owns two cats. So, choosing to ignore the warning I turned my attention back towards the TV and to the thoughts that I had been thinking. Suddenly for no apparent reason something told me to investigate, even though I was convinced that the security light had been activated by a cat. I walked toward the window and opened the curtain slightly, expecting to see a cat. Not so, for there before my very eyes and to my amazement and delight, I saw a hedgehog.

 Hedgehogs are not what one may consider to be an endangered species, (not yet anyway) but I have not seen one in my garden ever. So, you can appreciate my sweet surprise at just what I was witnessing. Rushing for my camera and walking into the back garden, took only a matter of seconds. However, the hedgehog was nowhere to be seen. I decided to sit on the cold stone step and wait, the security light clicked off and I was thrust into almost complete darkness. The light from the window of my front room afforded sufficient light, to be able to distinguish some deep shadows and some faint shapes. I waited and I waited, for what seemed to me to be an eternity.

 As I waited my heart began to beat just that little faster, with the anticipation of just what may be about occur, or not occur as the case may be. I began to wonder if there was a hole in the fence somewhere, and the little creacher was by now scurrying away ,across another garden never to be seen again. I began chuckling to myself at the position I was in, sitting on the cold stone step in the darkness. Camera at the ready, and my backside cold and numb. Waiting for a none existing event to happen. How silly of me I thought. I decided to stand up and investigate, to see if I could find any sign of Mr hedgehog.

 Suddenly I heard a faint rustling sound, coming from the bottom of the Laurel bush, not 6ft in front of me. Then a sudden movement caught my eye, and I could just distinguish a dark shape moving slowly from behind the laurel. "Yes" to my delight it was indeed the Hedgehog. Suddenly a great calmness befell me, as I concentrated on just what I was doing. Was the camera in the correct mode etc. I managed to take some shots of the hedgehog before he disappeared again to the top of the garden. Not wishing to disturb the little creacher any further, and being content with the number of shots I had taken. I hurried back into the house and eagerly uploaded the pictures to my PC.

This was an unusual and wonderful happening for my back garden, because as you can appreciate not much wild life frequents it because a Wolf called Cherno happens to reside there. Coming at the end of a most emotional and confusing day, this 10 minuet experience was worth more to me than ten hours with the Lady of my choice :)

 You can view all the pictures of this wonderful happening in my new album. "Prickly subject" 

Deep peace to all who visit this place.



16 responses to “A prickly subject.

  1. Shimona from the Palace

    I just dropped by as we have a mutual friend in Patricia and I was immedately drawn to the tale of your prickly encounter. I loved the pictures and really admire the patience it must have required to obtain them.  And the story was really enthralling too. I can also appreciate the soothing effect of an encounter with nature of this sort after an "emotional and confusing day"…


  2. Kenny, what a delightful story you spun about the hedehog and wonderful picture.  I’m glad that observing it brought you joy.  Peace


  3. Hi Kenny – not visited for a while but am thrilled with this blog AND that you managed to get such good shots – well done.
    Now I await a photo of you without the ponytail  !!
    Thanks for keeping in touch.
    Gillydog sends her love too.


  4. Little Fish Big Pond

    Hi Kenny,
    Thanks for the comment left on my  web site, glad I could impart some of my knowledge.
    Great photo, he’ll keep your garden clear of sluggs and snails, if you want him to be a regular visitor put out a little dog food, they like that too…!!
    have a great weekend…
    Little Fish Big Pond


  5. Oh he is cute.  I dont think we have them here or I havent seen any. Lucky encounter . Awsome shot of him as well.
    I was just going through my list freinds or the module deleting the one I dont vist or visit me. I saw your interesting update. Thank Kenny for coming by … Deep Peace to you Kenny way over there and across the Great Pond.
    Lisa xo


  6. Coffee With Kate

    Kenny, ….pure magic!
    have a wonderful week-end,
    Kate xxx


  7. Wurffffff Cherno,
    Howzigawn doon there, it’s pouring here, thunder and lightning…..Grrr
    Anyhoo, i shall make my wish at the new moon the night, thanx fur reminding me.
    I’ll keep it tae my furrryself.
    Slobbery licks….Xena….xxx


  8. I love Hedgehogs and Koala Bears, my two favorite animals, although I love all animals, I find these two species, so cute and adorable!! Quick thinking and patience pays off in the end. Take care, XX


  9. God morning Kenny  :O)
    Yep, i’m up lat again…lol    I have to say i just LOVED this blog, the way it was written the feeling i got from it, everything!!  I can so relate to your encounter with Mr Hedgehog, hey and by the way how did you know it was a mr….lolol  Just kidding, i know how exciting it is to see a certain wildlife you do not see every day, especially if it’s in your back yard late at night…lol   I could just picture you with a frozen bahookie awaiting for the perfect shot…lolol…Been there with my frozen bahookie..lol
    No, i don’t think you are away with the fairies…lol  If you are then there are many of us that would do what you did just to get that "perfect shot". ….lol  Brrrr….I bet poor cherno was wondering why dad went oot all alone…lol
    I really love this ehot, look at Mr hedgehogs wee eyes, sooooo sweeet Kenny…lol.So, a cold Bahookie was well worth the wait!!!
    As for the rest of the time you spent, well, all i can say is "It’s her loss of a wonderful man". She may not know it now, in time she will, you mark my words!!
    Anyhoo, just off to pur another then it’s off to bed, but i shall look at your album of Mr Prickly…lol
    You have  a good day today, well it is after midnight, take care my Yorkshire friend, remember to take a picture of your new Baldy…lololol   Ahhhhh…you think i’ve forgotten….ha ha ha
    lots of love   Diane   xxxx


  10. I will pass on your comment "Coming at the end of a most emotional and confusing day, this 10 minuet experience was worth more to me than ten hours with the Lady of my choice :)"


  11. Awwwwww…he is tooooo cute!!!!!
    Take care,


  12. "BARKIE BARK!…Pant…Pant…Puff…Pant"….Pheweeee!!!!
    I ran and ran and ran as fast as my wee paws could take me Cherno, Oh My Dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Whit on Dogs Earth has yer wee dad done!!!!!   Nae Hair on his heid!!!  A baldy!!!!
    It’s nae wonder ye snarled at him when he got hame tae yer hoose, gie his ankles a wee bite fae me fur gieing ye a fright Cherno and tell him he’s in the dog hoose fur the rest of the day and has tae treat ye like a king….Right!!!!
    Awwweeee, poor wee Cherno, see, ye were no so fearless that time…..BOL!!   (barked out loud).
    I just had tae rush right over tae make sure ye were awright, here’s a Scottish hairy (((hug))) and a big ole slobbery lick just tae make ye feel better. I’m sure ye’ll get used tae it, you should try licking his heid it might be jaggy…..BOL!!
    Anyhoo, another wee thing, yer dad also sneaked ootside last night tae see a Prickly HedgeHog, i bet he never let on did he…..Mmmmm…..Bark tae yer dad that i told him tae gie ye a special treat and tae take a picture of his wee baldy new heid….hee hee…….Phew, i have tae bark i had a wee pannick attack when i sniffed yer message at first, i’m just glad that yer over the shock. Mom says she’ll drop on by later on when she’s settling doon fur the night. Right, i best get going, wish i could stay longer my handsome Fearless cherno….*sniff*sniff*….Anyhoo, i’m running back tae Scotland my dinner will be oot soon…..Xena leaves with a waggily fluffside, I’ll be back too    :O)    WooOooffffffff
    Yer wee Scottish furry Warrior sends Loadsa Lurve  xx


  13. love your music!  what a pick-me-up!


  14. You were wonderful to sit and wait, Kenny!  Here is what the Native Americans say: (see if any of this rings true for you right now) "If Hedgehog shows up, it means no matter what is going on in your life right now, do your absolute best to enjoy your life. 
    "Retreat from your usual routines for a day or two as a way of refreshing your body and spirit."
    "This is a very fertile and creative time for you, so express yourself artistically in some enjoyable way."
    "You have a powerful connection with ancient female goddess energy, whether you’re male or female. " [for several reasons this does not surprise me one bit]
    "Work directly with the earthby doing some planting and gardening at your first opportunity."
    "This is a good time to honor your natural curiosity and satisfy it by following anywhims, intuitive leads, or inner promptings that occur."
    "Call on hedgehog when you want shielding …from any harsh criticism ….or negativity that’s around you, or if you were in a bad mood recently and took it out on someone dear to you, and now you want to apologize…" (Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D. Farmer, PhD)
    me again: you sure followed that ‘odd’ inner prompting, and the fact that this paid off with the hedgehog’s appearnace makes it all the more unusual–and as such something to take heed of.   In my experience, the entering into one’s life of an unusual animal is something I have learned to pay attention to, as ‘woo-woo’ as that may sound–whenever I learn more when this happens, it rings some good bells inside me.  Hope this is of interest.  Don’t mean to be tedious……or preachy–I just find this sort of thing very cool….!


  15. ohhhhh that’s sooo cool! What a fantastic experience and a great photograph to boot! xx


  16. wow kenny – what a shot, your patience paid off, such a clear view of the face, hedgehogs fascinate me too, use to have one visit our garden, in barnet, when I was a child. have a good day – nita.


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