~~~~~~~"CHERNO" HAS BEEN TAGGED~~~~~~~


 Cherno enters the room.   Hello, this is "Cherno the fearless" barking.

I have been tagged by my lovely Scottish furry friend "XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS"

No, Xena has not placed a band round my ankle, like they do with naughty humans.

I guess I must be the first dog "ever" to be "tagged".  woof woof.

 So, here I jolly well go.

1.  I don’t like the postman, I scare the woof out of him every time he opens the gate. HE-HE-HE

2.  I love eating raw Ox heart and roast Chicken…dribble-dribble at the very thought of them. yum yum yum.

3.  I love chasing Squirrel’s in the park, pesky blighters, hard as woof to catch.

4.  I like chasing flies and bee’s around the garden, the flies are harder to catch than the woofing Squirrels. But the bees are easy peasy and they are dead before they have even thought about stinging me.

 5.  I don’t like it much when me dad goes out and has to leave me all alone, but I know when he comes home he will have something nice for me to eat.

 6.   Cat’s, I don’t like them, they are a complete waste of fur.

7.  I love playing football with me dad, I always score a goal.

8.  My favourite game is trying to eat the bone in my dad’s leg. Woofy woof woof.

9.  I love my furry friend Xena, me dad, all you lovely people that visit me dad’s space and leave such lovely comments for him. And me natural mam  " Countess of Lunas"


( A tear fall’s from Cherno’s eye )


There, now you have learned things about me "Cherno the fearless of Yorkshire" that you had not previously known.


Cherno exits the room and walks into the garden, raises his head to the sky and howl’s at the moon !


And all of Yorkshire hears his call.


P.S.    For the anthropocentric among us who have difficulty grasping the concept of anthropomorphism.

Then I would just like to say this,


This is a photograph of me when I was 9 weeks young, just a little ball of  fluff.




This is me when I was 4 month old. I am growing fast.



This is me and myself in May 08.





Well I hope you enjoyed your little insight into the world of "CHERNO THE FEARLESS"


I am on my way now to visit my furry friend Xena, when you see her, you will know why.

She’s a beauty.


Take care all.

Love Cherno.

14 responses to “CHERNO HAS BEEN TAGGED

  1. Hmmm, I’m not sure how much I have to offer in the way of artistic endeavors – I was traumatized as a kid when my family used to make fun of any art projects I brought home.  Since then the only think I can draw are boxes and stick figures. Hmph!


  2. Hi Cherno we are Lady and Cloe! we are two adorable golden cocker spaniels from Essex, we are full of fun and love to race around barking our heads off and we chase anything we can, a few weeks ago we escaped and got into a neighbours garden where they had a run full of guinea pigs and rabbits oh what fun we had we let them all out and chased them round the garden, strange the little girles who lived there were not happy with us but we loved our game and long to go back and play again but our mum and dad keep us locked in the garden now
    You sound like a good strong fellow, wanna stop by and play with a couple of red heads, (we might be able to get into that garden again)!!
    See ya babe from the Essex girlsxx


  3. Shhhh….. I just wanted tae sneak in here withoot mom seeing me, she canny sleep, so neither can i….BOL!    Ooooohhhh, whit a wunderwooOoofal thought i have noo just going tae my bed. I would have been there in a flash of lightning Cherno, it aw looked ohhhh sooo awfy inviting. Ye sure know how tae put a huge smile on this furry face of mine my Handsome Fearless Canine  :O)
    Okay, so i have tae head aff intae the dark night and bid ye good night, just you take care of yer furryself and that lurvely wee dad of yours, i’ll be back real soon. Loadsa Lurve being sent yer way just fae me. Take care and hunners a (((hugz)))….yer wee Scottish lassie….xxx


  4. Hi Cherno – great blog –
    I have a poorly leg – and running on 3 – hard to get the postman now – but I will – love from Gillydog


  5. I don’t know that its a painful hole, but it is a hole nonetheless.


  6. BTW, great pictures ups there – too cute!
    OK, I’m intrigued – what do your instincts tell you about me?


  7. Xena sneaks into the Kennel…..Shhhh….I’m no suppose tae be here Cherno, mom wants tae do a few things but i sneaked on just tae bark that there is nae chance of me moving tae Amerikee, ever!!   so don’t you worry yer handsome furryself noo. It took mom pure ages tae figure oot how tae put that wee video on…hee hee   mom laughed her heid aff at yer comment aboot keeping my fur on, she laughed fur ages…..BOL!!
    Right my lurvely Cherno, best get back tae Glasgow before mom notices i’m gone, here’s a wee chew bone fur ye,(xena drops chew at chernos paws), i thoroughly enjoyed that bone ye left me the other day…Mmmm….Catch ye real soon Cherno….. Loadsa Lurve fae me…….Xena prances away happily looks back and blows cherno a wee slobbery lick and heads off back to Glasgow.


  8. Kenny, you crack me up – two of your favorites! I laughed out loud!


  9. I enjoyed this so much…thank you, thank you…


  10. I enjoyed this so much…thank you, thank you…


  11. Hiya Cherno, great post! My Boxcee loved barking at the post man and chasing squirrels too! But she liked cats–raised one from a kitten in fact. She even liked rabbits; we got custody of our daughter’s rabbit when she and her boyfriend split up. (Not sure how that happened actually…) Anyway, have a fantastic weekend! xx Kate


  12. *Puff* *Pant* *Puffing* *Panting*……….Golly Gosh, Scottie sure did beam me up in a flash of light Cherno, it wis nae my fault, blame my wee mom and the door. *phew* I’ve travelled through the dark night tae get here, (xena sits, her ears back with respect), oh yes, i made it back tae ye like i barked i would.
    i just lurved aw ywe wee barks aboot whit ye like or did nae like, i did Bark my furry heid aff at the Postman, whit is it aboot them we just dont like? One of these days i’ll get that bag toss it in the air and bite his skinny wee bahookie right off…hee hee hee….Just dont tell nodog, or they’ll think i’m mean…BOL!!
    Ohhhhhh, ye maist certainly know whit makes a wee Warriors heart a flutter, i’m with ye on the buzzy beez, squirrlies and everything else ye just lurve tae chase. Though i prefer tae bite my wee moms tootsies rather than her leg…..BOL!!!
    Well, i knew ye were handsome as an adult, but Boy oh Boy, just look at that wee baby baw of fur!!  Mom nearly jumped inside the server when she seen yer puppy eyes, me, well i just aboot fainted….*swooooon*…I just ADORED the insight intae Cherno the Fearless.   Whit a WunderwooOoofal fine speciman of a Canine ye sure are. Before i go i give ye hunners a Slobbery licks, sniffs and very Gentle eyes…..Yer My Hero Cherno!!!!!!!
    (xena looks back before heading off into the dark night towards Glasgow)……Sends Cherno and his lurvely wee dad a humungous (((((hug)))))  fae mom and i in Bonnie Scotland.
    Looking back, looking up into the sky,
    In my ears, yes, i hear a wolf cry.
    I bark the Spirits up above,
    May they shower ye both with Loadsa Lurve.
    Xena walks into the darkness of night to find her way home……………………….


  13. LOL
    Cherno, do you snatch gloves off hands if you get the chance?
    My Toby (RIP) did that to a couple workmen at the house and they were surprised!
    Bonnie the Cat gave a snarl at No. 6 then put her tail up and ran away, wonder why.
    Does your Dad help you with your blogs or do you help him with his?
    Nice ones either way.
    Oh and tell him I couldn’t trade lives, but I would take his head of hair in trade for a few bears LOL


  14. Creeeeeak, hey Cherno i think yer wee dad needs tae put some oil on his gate…hee hee
    Well my fearless handsome Cherno, whit can i bark?  Really, whit can i bark?
    The Postman….Grrrrr   Oh Noooooooooooooooo……….Scottie has tae beam me up Cherno, I’ll be back real soooooooooooon. (Xena puts her paws out to hug Cherno, but it’s too late she’s been beamed up)…………………………


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