The Bridle path.

7 responses to “The Bridle path.

  1. I learned something today – I had no idea those monstrosities were called pylons.  Gee, now I’m that much smarter :-)  Wonderful pictures as usual Kenny! Peace


  2. Hey there Kenny
    You know I think we started mountain biking as kids, I did anyway and my buddies, and others just coined the word and took it to new levels (and more power to them!)
    I know what you mean about the dissapointment (perhaps heartbreak) of developments such as the Pylons (Electrical Transmission Towers to me). The same thing happened near Valdez Alaska so now you cannot get a landscape picture of certain views without getting them too.
    Yet we must live on eh? And the wolf and other critters don’t really care, although it may affect them somehow sometime.
    You still had a great walk I would say and you look very comfortable in your place on your trails.
    Bye bye for now, and give Cherno a big healthy pat or two for me.


  3. another great post kenny, thanks for sharing, shame about the pylons, but your pictures are great.  take care – nita.


  4. Kenny, I Loved this Post. You really had a great walk. . Wow your images are so nice to see. Your really getting out there with your camera. The stump too I loved. I see lots of them. They are so interesting.
    Love your Flowers
    Have a Great Week.
    Deep Peace.   and Im making Apple Pie. :)


  5. Hi kenny
    Wonderful pictures  as usual and a nice walk in the wood I particulaly liked the knarled old stump, the old tree trunk was nice too!!  It looks as if you gave the camera to Cherno, he is a great photog!
    Enjoy your week
    Love Suki x


  6. I enjoyed going on your stroll with you…maybe, one day, long after we will know anything about it, they will have found a way to energize the world and maintain it’s beauty at the same time…I could take many more lovely pictures as I walk, except for the utility poles and wires…but, I appreciate having the lights come on when I flip the switch, and ice when I need it…I have no answers for anything…only hopes that whoever comes after will find better ways…


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