Bank Holiday weekend.

 Firstly, I would like to thank the people that have commented
 and I am pleased, no, delighted to inform you that I am now at last pain free.
I have been out and about over the Bank holiday,
 and had a very pleasant time of it.
Thank you all once more for your input.
I learned that 2 pairs of "Avoctes" had successfully reared 8 chicks between them,
 at the ""Teesmouth national nature reserve"" It was a little special as the Avocetes had not nested there previously
( I had walked these marshes, fields and flats many times, before it became a reserve )
and it seemed to me, to be a good place to visit. As much water had passed through this reserve since last I was there.
It is different now !
The fields, marshes and lakes were I once walked among clouds of Dunlin, Redshanks and many other wading birds, now, was fenced off, and no humans were aloud to enter 😦 
Dotted along the roadside stood  a handful of bird watchers, one of them informed me that he had spotted
a Black turn. He then kindly suggested that I look through his very expensive telescope.
"WOW"  I could see the twinkles in it’s eye’s as it sat amid some Lapwings, on a little island some 250 yards away.
It was in the center of a large lake, that I had often swam in as a child.
Further along the road I came across the seals that this area is well noted for.
Although some distance from the road it was still a pleasure to see them once more,
basking  along the bank of the river.




And to think this is less than 2 miles from the center of town.

To drive here from town we took the Transporter bridge  across the river Tees, a most beautiful bridge me thinks.





I rested, did not wish to over do it.


Visited  Knaresborough a wonderful historic town with the river Nid running through it.

The main attraction being "Old mother Shiptons cave", reputed to be the oldest tourist attraction in England.

Combined with this was a pleasant  mile and a half promenade along the river bank, which was skirted by some very expensive residenceses

Who would not just die to live here.



I was almost tempted to hire a rowing boat, but thought better of it.

The last thing I want is another trapped nerve.


And finally Old Mother Shipton herself.



A little Jewel of a place. But bring your own sunshine.

Check out new album for more pics.

Take care you all and remember, if things don’t change

they shall stay as they is.

""OH""    Those Russians !




9 responses to “Bank Holiday weekend.

  1. Thank you Kenny for your good wishes today – you are too kind!  Peace


  2. RedWillow ♥ Photography / Lisa

    I love your music Kenny but always have. I have missed you .
    Thought I would come across the Pond.. what a swim and say hi. Beautiful Images. Yes I would love to See your country someday.  Keep healing and sorry you have had a  nerve problem. Not sure what it is.
    Stay well and safe
    Deep Peace


  3. Hi Kenny, I’ve been to see mother Shiptons cave a few times and wandered by the river, a lovely place. Thanks for dropping round, glad you had a nice weekend and the pains gone.
    Bright blessings xxx


  4. Wonderful pictures as usual Kenny.  Glad you’re being mindful to not overdo things.  Loved the house on the water – would love to live in something like that!
    Be well  Peace


  5. Hi Kenny,
    well you nearly got the score right, but the result  bang on.
    I yhink te villa were just unlucky getting stoke on their first home game ever in the prem…
    At least we didn’t lose to the reds, but I did spend the last 10 mins crapping myself waiting for them to  score.. phew!
    One point gained you might say, but to me its more like 2 points lost….they were there to be beaten today…..
    Nice photos, knaresborough especially, spectacular in fact….though mother shipton looks a bit spooky! and the nature reserve…
    as you say you wouldn’t think it was just out of town.. brilliant.
    Glad your back is better, enjoy the international break, and dont over do it me old mate.
    Take care my friend
    woof woof !


  6. What great photos, thanks for sharing them.  Glad you are feeling better.
    Blessed be


  7. have a great weekend erever you travel been to leyburn market today loved it and lunch in the pub xxjen


  8. luv your pics as you know ive been to all these places too  have you been to hawes lovely place the bikers love drinking tea there xxjen


  9. Yes Kenny you echo my thoughts exactly. How marvellous that whilst mankind increasingly encouches on the Natrual habitat of flora and fauna an impromptu balance is found. Another thought Springs to mind is that real beauty is found if we take the time to stop and just open our eyes. Shame about the pylons eh? 😉 Anyway I’m pleased your pain has eased and have enjoyed looking at your latest photos. As for old Mother Shipton I really must stop looking in the mirror at myself. It’s enough to scare away those Advocetes. Have a pleasent evening. xx


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