Big Bang Day.

Wednesday the 10th of September is  ------->  big bang day,   <------
After nearly 30 years in construction, costing  Billions of  £'s and a workforce of thousands of scientists.
The most powerful of accelerators ever made shall be "switched on".
It is reported by some that this could cause a "black hole"
and that Earth shall be sucked in and spewed out somewhere into another universe.
BIG BANG DAY,  is also the day I fly to Sweden.

This is a image of our very own local  BLACK HOLE.

Suddenly I feel very small.



11 responses to “Big Bang Day.

  1. Kenny, dear friend, what an absolutely lovely post from you.  Thank you.  It sounds like you are having a wonderful time and I’m sure you are quite reluctant to leave.  There is nothing compared to spending time with our families – enjoy every second.  Have a safe journey home and I hope you post some pictures for us all to see.  Be well.  Peace


  2. Hey there Kenny.  Haven’t heard much from you lately, hope you’re doing OK.  Be well. Peace


  3. Hope you have a great time in Sweden my friend. Glad to hear you are pain free now. Take care, Abs.xx


  4. Just popping in to say hi and how are you?  Hope you are well.  Peace


  5. Have a safe and fun trip.
    Blessed be


  6. Hello Kenny,
    just checking to make sure you haven’t been swept away in the floods me old mate!
    We have had a lot of rain down here, with a bit of flooding  not us personally though : o)
    The large Hadron Collider…… apparently its got something to do with looking for something called a Higgs bosun particle, which no one actualyy knows if it exists…and something to do with dark matter, and I’m not talking about Sralex Ferguson here…..I heard that there is a one in 50 million chance of it creating a black hole….I’m still not sure about it.
    Good luck with your trip to Sweden, I’m sure we will be talking again when you get back, and they have discovered the principle of warp drive : o )
    take care my friend,
    see you when you get back
    all the best
    woof woof !


  7. scarey stuff i will rember to pack my goth clothes lol xxjen


  8. Now that I have been crazy enough to marry they can wipe everything!LOL!!
    Take care,


  9. Just have a lovely holiday and  enjoy – dusty x


  10. Whoa Nelly……………………….  I sure hope those scientists know a little about what they are doing…….it isn’t even 2012 yet!  I want my 3.2 years! 


  11. Phew Kenny thought provoking! On a lighter note perhaps your flight will transport you to bermuda instead? Anyway wishing you a wonderful time in Sweden and my thoughts are with Cherno as he will miss you. x


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