A  visit  to  Sweden. 


                               Recently I visited My Daughter "Lisa"  her husband "Balla"  and my 2 Grandchildren, Aliue and Adama,

near Stockholm.

This is a succinct account of what happened and what didn’t happen, during my 2 week stay in Sweden.

We had talked of visiting a wildlife safari park, and a visit to the mountains.

But because of an emergency operation on Adamas over sized tonsils, these plans were scuppered.

Adama was in much pain and had to be given strong pain killing medicine 3/4 times every 24 hours.

I can still hear her screams of pain that would  ring throughout the house day and night.

But I am pleased to say that  after 5/6 days, the pain eased and Adama became her normal self.

She would take the laces from my shoes and hide them.


This is Adama beginning to feel a little better.



This is Aliue, smiling for his G/dad.


I dislike Zoo’s, however, for the sake of the children we visited "Scansen".

The inferior version of London Zoo. I felt obligated to take the odd snap or two.



Many hours were spent walking through the woods that surround my Daughters house,

and I was left amazed at the diversity of the woodland creachers that visited this enchanting

wild wood.

I was deeply touched, I became connected and I became a hunter.

Looking, watching, listening, walking slowly, hoping and waiting for a beautiful

moment to reveal itself. And on a few occations a beautiful moment did materialise


I saw this  Great green woodpecker only twice and feel very lucky to have captured this shot of him.


I had seen and taken pictures of a "Red Squirrel" earlier in the week, but on the penultimate day

of my visit. I came across two young ones playing and darting through the branches of a great old tree.

Amazingly fast that one sometimes sees only red flashes, as they scamper around and dive from tree

to tree.



Just standing amidst this unearthly silence with not a leaf that trembled.

Showered me with a sensation that, at that precious moment I was at one with Nature.

An exciting and uplifting high.

Quite suddenly, a movement in the trees up ahead, or the call of a bird,

would brake the spell.


Not one rain drop fell during the first 12 days of my visit, nor may I add did the sunshine.

The entire Scandinavian continent had become blanketed  by a cover of dense cloud.

Then with just 2 days left, the sun finally made an appearance.

It became quite warm and pleasent.

Too little too late 😦

Stockholm is a beautiful city, but as my Daughter explains in this interview

with a Swedish magazine.

She prefers the peace and tranquility of the woods, rather than the hustle and bustle

of the city. I must say that I concur with my Daughter on this.


The interview revolved around "foster care" for  problem children.


If anyone has plans of visiting Sweden, then I suggest that, you do not use sheltered

parking lots.  £18 for a one hour stay. 

Avoid "Scansen" like the plague, there are many other beautiful sights to see rather than this

pathetic excuse for a zoo,

and take a suitcase full of money. You shall most certainly need it.


Finally   my favourite dish of my stay in this beautiful land.

Roast Lamb in a (freshly picked from the woods) wild mushroom sauce.  "WOW"…



Goodbye  Stockholm, until the next time.



Just before I left Sweden my Daughter asked ,

"what was the first thing I was going to do upon my arrival back home"

I think this picture answers her question  perfectly. 


I hope you have enjoyed  reading about my visit

 to the land of the Vikings.

There are more pictures in two new albums, check them out while you are here.





18 responses to “Sweden.

  1. Hi kenny,
    great blog about your trip, that  answers my question from earlier/ later if you see what I mean!
    woof woof!


  2. Bittersweet on-the-hill.

    Hello Kenny,
    I enjoyed reading about your trip.  It must have been wonderful visiting your daughter and family – and what handsome children!  Kenny, I love the photos but that green snake!!!!  Kenny, Kenny and Kenny again.  Laughing with you. Our autumn is setting in and yes, it does have its own beauty.  We’re starting batten down the hatch for winter.  I trust you and loved ones are well.   Fondly,  Bittersweet


  3. Coffee With Kate

    Hello Kenny,
    Thank you for the snippets of your visit to Sweden. It seems you had an enjoyable time. Loved viewing  all the photos.


  4. I just love the smiles on those beautiful grandchildren of yours.
    And indeed I do count my blessings each and every day!  Age is but a number!
    Be well, Peace


  5. What a very exciting visit for you I love the pictures and well the kids are buitiful back to nature ho how i wish we could do this from time to time forget all the worries and the fight for survival just let time go by .
    all the best .


  6. Thou hast been on an incredible journey Sir Kenny it would be good if Thor could help out as his thunderbolts would destroy the witches so our knights can enter the caves  of Mira in our quest for the sacred  dragon ova


  7. Interesting that the novel I am currently reading is translated from Swedish and is set in Sweden.  My sister attended a wedding there of our friend’s son a few years ago, and she claims that Norway is very much like Washington where we live, but that Sweden was flat.  I am sure that when I get to Europe I will want to see England first.  I really enjoyed this blog Kenny, and your grandchildren are beautiful.  Great pictures.
    Blessed be


  8. hi Kenny,first of all,I would like to tell you that cherno is one of the most beautiful german shepherds I have ever seen.your entry about sweden is fantastic and your grandchildren are lovely.thanks for the photo.have a nice week my friend.


  9. Oh yes, Kenny, WONDERFUL entry about your visit to Sweden!!  What a handsome family you have there, and those grandkisa are positively glowing!  They are so lucky to have a grand-da like yourself…….so lucky.  Must be hard to live so far away, I hope you get there as often as you like.  It IS always good to get home though, eh?  Love the pictures you put here of the forest especially and the one of you with the camera.  Also your daughter and son-in-law, what a joy to see picsof your family–you write about them all so well and so lovingly.  Good to see ya back, och aye!   And thanks for your kind words–yes–walking is a beautiful thing….to be able to go grocery shopping, soon will be able to walk the doggies with my Don, and so much more……tis a life to be loved….and a gift to have it back again this way.


  10. Enjoyed all that thank you – brill photos.
    Bet you were SO pleased to be back with Cherno though.
    You have a lovely  family over there – bet you miss them to bits.


  11. Kenny this is so beautiful your pictures are amaizing!  Your poor little granddaughter but Iam glad she got better in time to enjoy your stay.
    Love Suki x


  12. Good morning Kenny and thanks for the lovely comment on my space. You have a beautiful family and are truly blessed. Glad to hear your g/daughter is feeling a little better now. I have heard before that Sweden is expensive. Surely it can’t be any worse than broken Britain? lol. Love the dog too. I miss my mum’s alsatians. They were so clever! If I ever get my scanner working I will put some piccies in my pet gallery! Peace and blessings my friend. Abs.xx


  13. 路过~~~


  14. what ajoyous time you had…. nice to see u back… safe n sound. LM


  15. Hello You, I’d love to have been there to see the absolute Joy in Cherno’s face and body langauge when you returned home. Did he fare well in your absence? I too wondered gave thought for the both of you. The Action shot of the squirrels scampering was a fait acommplis. It’s like looking at them in Suspended Animation. Is that your daughter in the Magazine? I laughed at the mischief of Adama, hiding your shoelaces. Perhaps she was secretly saying "if you can’t put your shoes on, you can’t go away." Have a good week Kenny, I feel sure Cherno will. xxx


  16. What beautiful pictures Kenny – thank you for sharing them!  I’m glad you arrived back home safe and sound. 
    On the subject of being a citizen of the world – we’d have to have a discussion about that.  The concept is quite noble, but a rather daunting achievement, I think. 


  17. As always Kenny, your story and photographs are incredible. I really enjoyed this… xx


  18. Shimona from the Palace

    That picture of a squirrel standing on a branch on its (I think!) hind legs, with a second squirrel hanging upside down from the same branch, is absolutely amazing!


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