I would like to convey my most heart felt sympathy to Diane, owner of the late "Xena Warrior Princess"  G.S.D.
Xena was only 7 years of age and I for one envisaged many years of cyber fun and adventures with her and Cherno.
Unfortunately Xena developed cancer and Diane choose to have Xena cross the Rainbow bridge, rather than have Xena die a painful death.  Diane was present as Xena slipped away, there to the very end.
I am sure many of us can understand just how Diane is feeling, a loss of a loved one, be it animal or human is sole destroying.
My heart goes out to you Diane and my thoughts are with you .
Run Wild Run Free among the Stars.

10 responses to “R.I.P. XENA.

  1. Aaaw sorry to hear that. That is lovely what you did as a tribute. Hope your weekend has been good x


  2. This is very sad news Kenny.  Nice tribute you have created here, and I believe we will see more.  I did expect lots of laughs watching the courtship of Cherno. 
    Blessed be


  3. My heart goes out to  Diane, I know how it is to have to make the ‘right’ decission and it was the right decission
    Suki x


  4. Hi Kenny I popped over from Xena’s space. This is a beautiful tribute to Xena, She will be greatly missed.. Its Good to know Diane has got a great friend in you. And I am sure in time, Diane will be sharing her heart with the four-legged Kingdom again.. She has too much love not to share her beautiful spirit, and give our furry friends such a beautiful home, full of love..
    I send an ear rub to Cherno… who may remember me .. Dreamwalker x


  5. Thankyou Kenny, I truly understand  Diane’s grief, they are after all our fur babies.  Lovely tribute, you are a dear friend, I will pop over there now.  ((hugs)) Patricia


  6. Oh dear Kenny,
    the tears are streaming down my face and i can hardly see..lol
    THANK YOU Kenny, from the bottom of my heart, i too envisaged many years of happiness with Xena and Cherno. You have lovely dear friends, and it’s no wonder Kenny, you truely are a wonderful man whom i have and will always repect. Bless you my friend for this, i am overwhelmed. thank you to all your lovely friends too for their beautiful words. I just feel so lost and sad right now there just didn’t seem to be the understanding i needed around me and i still haven’t that. I went for a walk today and sat at the very river of the picture you chose, i have never felt so alone. Gosh i better stop, sorry. Thank you Kenny, you were with us in the beggining and now even at the end, you are a true friend.
    My love to you and kiss cherno lightly on his wee furry heid, just from me.


  7. RedWillow ♥ Photography / Lisa

    Hi Kenny,
    My Heary goes out to her in her great time of sorrow and pain. Of course we know she did the right thing no matter how hard it was.  Beautiful Tribute Kenny . Asl alway your passion and love for Animals and Friends shines here .
    I will have to go and visit her too.
    I know how she feels and will for days.
    Deep Peace always Kenny


  8. For Diane…. One love, One heart, two souls torn apart. In life she was always there for you, In her final hour you were there for her too. In days that will follow, Eyes will cloud with untold sorrow. But…. as it is written in Rainbows End., Xena will be waiting just over the bend.
    Bless you Diane for you loved her so and my heart go out to you in your time of such deep bereivement. xxx
    For you Kenny my friend, My thoughts are woth you and Cherno both. Much love. xxx


  9. I understand Diane,very much,because lukas developed cancer last year,it was so terrible.fortunately he was saved by a marvellous vet who is a very good surgeon so I can imagine how the poor diane is feeling now,I am so sorry and my heart goes to you diane.it is really sad.


  10. Thank you for this tribute, Kenny……and the link so we may connect and take a share of the grief…..such a painful decision to have to make, but definitely the most LOVING choice. 
    so hard to come to grips with when the love we feel for our pets is so deep…


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