Choice Cod

 Cod is Great.
Terry and I spotted a favourable window in the weather, that presented a good opportunity for a spot of sea fishing.
Needless to say we took full advantage of this break in the weather.
It was to become an early start, Terry was due to pick me up at 3am. We had decided to go out with the early tide, and return on the incoming tide.
We caught little of note until the tide turned and the fish we were looking for began to swim in with the tide.
Then, the fishing became different,  I felt a strong wriggle some 200ft below me on the sea bed.
As I began to reel in I became instantly aware that I was either stuck fast on the sea bed, or I had hooked a big one.
It turned out to be the later with a twist in the tail.
As the fish became visible some 20ft from the surface, I could see not one, but two very large Cod.
I had hooked one fair and square and had fouled hooked the other clean through its tail.
Hey… with the price of this fish in the shops these days, I am only too pleased to catch them by fair means OR foul.
All in all it was a great day out, with fine weather and a fine catch.


The nearly full moon slips beyond the horizon.

4 -30 am



Terry sleep fishing at dawn.



Getting brighter.



And brighter


now fully awake, Terry  shows a couple of fine looking fish.

Bait used was ..Lug worm, Squid and shrimp.



2pm.  heading for home.

You should have been there, you would have had some great fun.

Don’t forget to check out the album.

Have a great week all, and never forget !

Kenny is a carnivore.


PS. if you write the words  "CHOICE COD"

on a piece of paper, stand infront of a mirror and turn the paper upside down.

you might be surprised.


11 responses to “Choice Cod

  1.   hi kenny’  great pics and a fantastic space, cheers.


  2. The orange moon is so beautiful, thank you for sharing your photos.


  3. You so crack me up, Kenny.  I did the words on paper thing………..and had a chuckle.  What fun it must be to go out on the open sea to fish…………and though I am mostly vegetarian, I do love to eat fishies……yum……with a good lemon dill and a fine chianti………heh heh.  Those photos of sun coming up over the sea are so alive….


  4. hi Kenny,thank you so much ,I love the photo,it is great,you are so kind,have a look at my blog,I put your photo there and it is dedicated to cherno,thanks again you are a good friend,hugs!!!take care.


  5. Hi Kenny. Thanks for your visit! Love the moon and do a lot of magickal workings when it is full. Nice pics, but I have a really bad phobia of fish when they are dead and still have the heads on (weird I know) I can’t walk past the fish counter in the supermarket! Hope your pal Diane is doing ok. Have a great wednesday. love n hugs, Abs.xx


  6. hi Kenny!this is my new blog entry,it is about a photo which was sent to me by a sweet friend called mariana,she is from argentina and has a german shepherd called day we were talking about our pets and she told me that it would be nice if they were a couple and she made that photo,it is a tribute to our dearest pets.have a wonderful thursday!!!your spanish friend,eva.


  7. hello kenny,thanks for your beautiful not worry about reading spanih,I am going to translate my next blog entry to you.take care.hugs!!! kisses to Diane,my thoughts are with her.


  8. hi kenny!what a couple of great fish! your photos are beautiful,you had a great time.Have a wonderful week!!!! what is Diane feeling?hope she is feeling better.hugs from spain!!!


  9. LM.
                           RE:   on board facilities…you should see what I have below deck  :)


  10. nice piccies… cant say as much for the onboard facilities… but glad u had nice time.. thank goodness u werent my partner.. waking at that time… x


  11. RedWillow ♥ Photography / Lisa

    PS.. I have to write that down .Run to the mirror ..Just as I thought.  hmmm
    Sound like you both has a great time and looking at your images are even better. I love your Sunrise and Moonrise.  Terry nice catch. 
    Glad your out also having the time of your life Kenny.
    Much Love from Canada across the Pond.


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