This mornings Sunrise.
7-30 ish.
While taking a few photos of a particular fine sunrise from my garden this morning.
38 Canada Geese provided me with a surprise fly past.
Bleary eyed and not so bushy tailed, the sight of this spectacle soon awakened me.
I hope today ends with the same beauty as it began.






Have a wonderful day everyone and I hope it extends

throughout the whole weekend for you.

Deep peace to all who visit this space.



9 responses to “Sunrise.

  1. Hello, hpw are you?  Hope your tear has been healthy and happy :) hope you have wonderful Holiday’s to to come. take care, love the sunset photos!


  2. Hi kenny
    Beautiful beautiful pictures as always, not time now to look around but will be back soon. my holiday pics on Wildwood now
    Love as always xxxxxxSuki x


  3. thanks for dropping by my space Kenny, sunset is gorgeous and man shaped Canadian geese is a surprise, i didn’t see a flock like this here.
    what  a super photography site, i need come back for a  closer look.
    have a wonder rest of week!


  4. RedWillow ♥ Photography / Lisa

    I guess the Geese I sent you all got there in the Spring. Ha !! :)
    Smiles and Hugs.


  5. RedWillow ♥ Photography / Lisa

    These are so Beautiufl and Calming Kenny . I love your view. 
    Thanks for your words of Wisdom.  I appricate it.
    Deep Peace to you
    Lisa xo


  6. Oh what beautiful pictures Kenny!  Love them!
    Life is always interesting and rewarding if you let it be that for you.  It’s been a difficult past two days, but today, the sun is shining and even though I’m on call for work, nothing will need to be done.  I can putter around my house and just "be."
    Be well.  Peace


  7. Just gorgeous, Kenny.  Deep peace, indeed, and thank you for it.  The geese always enchant me……and this ‘V’ is one of the best formed ones I have ever seen…..the geese around here are ALWAYS fighting for the front position, creating a mess instead of a ‘v’.  However, the Swans always have it pretty well figured out who’s the leader and who is not.


  8. hi my friend!what a beautiful photos!you are a very good photographer.I love the photo of canada geese,it is such a postcard.I have just written in my blog,an entry about  the protection of wild animals.I have written it ,in spanish and english,so you can read it.take care.have a great weeekend.hugs!!!!your spanish friend.KISSES TO YOUR HANDSOME,CHERNO.


  9. That is Beautiful Kenny. Wow! I could hear their callings as they flew overhead. It also reminded me that it is a time of migration. Do Canada geese "fly South for the winter?" With the effects of global warming it is now found that some species no longer follow the trend. Have a lovely day and thank you for my most beautiful gift. As Diane says you are a indeed wonderful man. Love from Natalia. xxx P.s you’ve also captured a good shot of that native species of British Gardens. "Clothes peggus, vari colourus plastica. 😉 Oh and on my journey home I encountered another of your old friends. The Architectral Sculpture. :-( xxx


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