Accident prone.

 Are you an accident waiting to happen ?

What type of person is accident-prone? Asked by Charles Haywood of Cedar Rapids, Iowa "Accident-prone" means one suffers a greater number of accidents than normal. Researchers are trying to discover if there is a certain type of person who is accident-prone.

 A few studies reveal a few clues. A French team of public health researchers, led by Dr G C Gauchard of the WHO Collaborative Centre in the Faculty of Medicine at the Henri Poincare University in Nancy, attempted to identify the determinants of accident-proneness. They studied 2,610 French railway workers and reported their findings in the 1 February 2006 issue of Occupational Medicine.

 The Gauchard team found that 27 per cent of the individuals they studied had more frequent than usual accidents with injuries. This was much higher than the researchers suspected. The researchers also found that youth, inexperience on the job, dissatisfaction with the job (indicated by applying for a job transfer), having no safety training, having a sleep disorder, smoking, and getting little or no exercise were all related to suffering more accidental injuries. Surprisingly, there was another factor too: Not having a personal hobby (such as gardening).

In 2001, a team of British researchers from the Manchester University Institute of Science and Technology, led by now emeritus Professor Ivan Robertson, identified three key personality traits of people who are not accident-prone:

 Openness: This is the tendency to learn from experience and to be open to suggestions from others. But the Robertson team cautions that too much openness can increase accident risk. Dependability: This is the tendency to be conscientious and socially responsible. Agreeableness: This is the tendency not to be aggressive or self-centered. The Robertson team argues that people with low levels of agreeableness tend to be highly competitive and less likely to, for example, comply with safety instructions.

Interesting facts

When it comes to accidents, some people seem to be truly star-crossed. Take the sad case of Thomas L Cook as reported by the Denver Post newspaper on 23 September 2006.

 Cook got off to a poor start in life, and it never got any better. Cook’s accident-proneness started before he was born. He nearly died before birth as his mother nearly miscarried. As a child he suffered many serious accidents. He broke his collarbone, suffered brain hemorrhage due to a playground accident, had his spleen removed due to an injury playing touch football.

He then had a go cart accident while a teen, a near-fatal car accident before attending university, and spent five months in a come due to another car accident while at university. While employed as a computer programmer, Cook broke his back three times and broke ribs in various car accidents and falls. To his credit, he fought back from serious injury to regain his health.

 As Claire Martin writes in her Denver Post story: "Thomas L Cook, who died at 54 when he was fatally hit by a car on the 11 September, spent much of his life recovering from the misadventures that plagued him even in the womb."

 Sometimes it’s just not fair.


As a curious, careless and adventurous 9or10 year old, I found myself at the top of a very old dead Pine tree.

Over the years the weather and other forces had reduced the once great Pine, to but a 4 or 5 meter high branch less pole like trunk. At the top, a perfectly round hole had been bored, it is this hole that had galvanized me into ascending the tree.

With my legs wrapped tightly around the trunk, and my left arm snaked around the top I reached to place my right hand in the hole.

It was at this moment when a meter or so of the tree snapped clean off and crashed heavily to the ground, taking me with it.

Damage sustained…one broken left arm. ""OUCH""

I would like very much to hear about any of your mishaps/accidents and under what circumstances they occured.

A friend of mine  "Kate" ( who some may know) has recently had a spate of  "mishaps".

 Kate caught her hand in a  blender, nearly loosing a finger. Now just the other day Kate walked swiftly into a clear glass door, nearly braking her nose. 


Sorry Kate, just could not resist it 🙂

How many of us have walked into a glass door I wonder.

I have .

Have a accident free week folks.

Kenny .



Don’t you worry.
Don’t you moan.
We’re all living in a casualty zone.
Drink yourself silly.
Were you a victim of your own neurosis?
Did you band your head?
Are you accident prone?

Name your poison. Is it your religion?
Name your poison. Drowned in the system.

15 responses to “Accident prone.

  1. Your tree story reminds me very much of mine:  I was in high school, about 15 years old, and was attending an outdoor Quaker meeting for worship, which is really just a group meditation.  I had decided to meditate in a large Oak tree, which had a fat main limb reaching out almost parallel with the ground, over a barbed wire fence……..Up I went, and inching my way to the part of it where I could sit……..there was a large burl of some sort in my way, and as I was thinking about going over it, I had a feeling the wind was going to start blowing, and make me fall.
    Uh-huh.  I ignored the feeling, the wind gusted, and I went flailing down, Between the top two strings of barbed wire.  78 stitches in my leg later (I would not let them touch the cut in my arm after that experience) I was the very picture of a wounded vet–big bandage around my arm and leg–but grinning from ear to ear when my boyfriend came home from his holiday.  Those were the accident prone years.  But then, I was unconscious!


  2. Coffee With Kate

    Good Morning Kenny,
    No I don’t mind at all. Interesting explanations on accident prone people……I would say that of all the accidents that I have had bar the last two; it was from living life to the fullest, pushing that envelope a tad too far, or from being fearless. When I think back of some of the things I got up to and into as a child, cold chills run down my spine…..yes, I was quite fearless in those instances and I would certainly not attempt them today.
    Have a great week my friend.


  3. Kenny… I hope your mending from your   teeth… i have had problems also.
    But not that bad.. . Thanks my Dear Friend for the peace you bring to me and my Space and so many others. . I love love your creation you have here.
    Nice work.:) Im taking a cs3 course. Not doing my homework. I should. haha.
    I have all winter. Thanks for stopping by again. I would be lost without all of you here.
    Deep Peace across the Pond Kenny.
    Lisa xoxoox


  4. Just stopping by with a cheery hello.  How have you been?  The weekend has flown by way too fast for me.  I’m looking forward to my week off in December!  Be well.  Peace


  5. My gosh I was so accident prone when I was young.  Totaled two cars in six day, broke my nose five times, and sprained my ankle three.  Then one day I decided that I wasn’t going to be that way anymore, and life has been much better.  That was how I taught myself patience.  Also forcing myself to introduce loops into the letters f and p helped after reading that balanced athletic people wrote that way.  Just covering all the bases.
    Blessed be


  6. Poetry….. Differant breads on differant days, but still food for thought. xxx


  7. Now, now, quit your pouting.  I’ll be sure to wear red and post a picture just for you.


  8. Enjoyed your blog, made interesting reading.  Not too sure this is a good time to focus on my mishaps though!  Tempting fate I suspect!  I can visualise several hairy scenarios involving huge out of control dentist drills….. the extraction without the painkiller…… well… you get the drift!! ;-))


  9. Hi Kenny. That’s really neat and I’m sure they will love it once youhave got it sorted, I think you probably missed doing the sparkles on one layer or you possibly forgot to change the random seed. If you think 1, 2 ,3 with animation you should get there in the end, once you can see and understand the processes then it’s pretty routine and simple. You’ll be trying the other animation one soon and that has all you need to know to animate lots of separate bits to an image in different ways.
    Glad youre having so much fun from it. I think I will do some other separate animation tips with different plugins when I get the chance, still need to get the other one done but my gorgeous man has been over today so I didn;t get the chance to lol, might tackle it after tea when child is in bed lol.
    Bright Blessings xxx


  10. Thankfully my accidents have been minor and few – a fall off my bike requiring three stitches when I was 9 and a sliced open finger by the hedge trimmer requiring 3 stitches when I was an adult.  I’m certainly not disapointed there haven’t been any other incidents!
    So glad I can provide amusement for you and Jim!  All future pictures of me wil be of a "G" rating!!!


  11. Hello you. In answer to your question, I lay in bed last night and thought about it and my response is… "I keep bumping into er Strange? men who give me unexpected gifts ;o) " Does it have other consequences? Sometimes…. With regard to bodily wounds. One fracture of tib and fib age 14. Nasty knife cut across the knuckle age 21 and believe it or not a sparkler burn about 7 years ago.  Then I note your postscript and just grin as once more I’ve swallowed your bait! HA! Ha! Have a good week Kenny you foxy fellow! xxx


  12. Hi kenny,  Interesting blog about accidents – I’m not going to comment any further cos life is good so far and NO I am not superstisious!!
    Love the pic of Kate er… what is that in the middle of her face just above the splat??
    love Suki x


  13. Hi Kenny, glad you have gotrself that programme, you’ll have hours of pleasure from it I assure you. Glad you got the VM Natural plugin to work too. Now your tubes, first make sure that you have the file association in order because they won’t show up in your organiser properly if you dont. Then if that still does not work open your folder up normally with windows, where you have them saved that is and look for the psp icon in that folder because every folder that you look at in psp has a cache file. Delete the file and then go back into psp and organiser and look for the folder again and open it in psp, that will create a new cache file and hopefully they will show up then if not mail me one and I will have a look myself and try work it out for you.
    You having said that about making your own tubes I may add a little tip about that to my space after I have finished the animation tutorial because it is possible to use parts of your own photos and mist them so you can add them to a piece of work.
    Remember Kenny if you want any tis doing anything just give me a yell and I will do some tips on it to make it a bit easier. The animation with the sparkles is really simple and VM Natural is the one I generally use for that, although the animation I have done is a little harder it gives you all the tools for most animation for the sparkles alone you just do the 3 layers and VM Natural each layer. I’m going to do that next on the animation bit so give it a glance it’s simple lol.
    Bright Blessings xxx
    p.s. love the new piccy at the top, you are getting good :-) xxx


  14. Hi Kenny,
    Long  time no see, hows  things with you?
    Last  time  spoke was just before hadron day and you were flying off to Sweden..
    how did that go?
    I just wanted to say well done for Boros win at Villa Park today, a fairly balanced game which either of the teams could have won, and I think a draw probalby would have been a fair result..but for Villa to lose to such a soft goal.. I was absolutely gutted, and still am!
    I haven’t been on msn at all until recently, time restraints and to be honest, whilst  had plenty to say, I really didn’t have the inclination, a sort of writers block,and I did think about giving it up for a bit, but I changed my mind ( obviously).
    For some reason you have disappeared off my friends list, so I have reasked you, if you dont mind.
    Regardnig accident prone, my sister went through a stage of breaking arms & legs (only one of which was my fault! ), and the old growler is very clumsy, and breaks things all the time….I dont think that qualifies her as A.P. though ; o)
    Take care me old mate,
    all the very best
    woof woof !


  15. Hi Kenny,I am not certain whether I am  accident prone or not,but I tell you I have had several accidents during my life,fortunately,none of them were too serious,I think my problem is being too much absent_ minded,well anyway,I am going to be careful out there!!!!take care my friend,hugs from spain.  PS.I have written an entry about animal lovers,a friend of mine,made a video with our pets,it is beautiful,I talk about this kind of people who love animals.LOTS OF KISSES TO CHERNO.


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