Lazy bones.

Hello people of the World.

I have not posted anything of late.

The reason in part, is due to the fact that I have been indulging in some extremely slobbish behaviour.

I believe this bout of slobbishness is due to the fact that ..."dare I say the word "

X/MAS. Is almost upon us.

"Ho dear me"

The garden is screaming out for attention,

The fish tank is in great need of refreshing,

the windows need cleaning, and I need a bath and a shave.

So so much to do and so little time to do it in.


I make no excuses for my laziness ( I am loving it )

in fact I see it as my birthright.

Whilst passing through one of my

lazy periods, I make it a golden rule "never" to exceed the speed of thought,

or move more quickly than the smoke

that curls up from my cigar.

This keeps me stable, as my mind traverses the rugged terrain

of my heart.


Ho well back to the sofa for me folks, all this typing has fair tuckered me out.

Back soon









17 responses to “Lazy bones.

  1. oh that’s my xmas wish….to do bugger all for a week or two lmao….hope you enjoyed xx only just been able to get into your space


  2. Thanks for the smilies . I have to get off here and back to work.Thanks for the reminder. I think I will do this after Christmas.Deep Peace Kenny xoLisa


  3. hahaha, may you continue being a slob! Have a great Christmas!


  4. Hiya Kenny. I’m flying late tonight as this new format has had me going round in circles. Perhaps I’m turning into a vulture? A grey haired one at that. You’ll see what I mean when you try to navigate. Anyway I’ll try an keep in touch as best I can. xxx


  5. ahoy there me hearty, its bucko to see you old matey!
    permission to come aboard!
    theres absolutely nothing wrong with a bit of slobbing around, it gives you time to recharge, and prepare yourself for the next round of life….
    sorry its been a bit long since last I was over, its been very busy at home & work ( honest guv).
    well whats been happening since last we chatted, ..oh yes boor stuck it up villa 2 -0 ( already covered won’t talk about that one ; o ) ) beaten the Arse 2- 0 at thier place, drawn with manure, and lost the chance to go 3rd by not beating fulham…. always the same, whenever we have the chance to really go for it we always stuff it up….boro wise at least you didnt lose the big derby, with the toon, but you must feel like i do about fulham, 2 points dropped.
    I’ve just seen the FA cup draw.. Barrow at your place.. you must fancy that one I should think, we have got gillingham or stockport away… oh oh potential banana skin there!
    Regarding the slobbing, I have just partaken in a beautiful turkey dinner ( first of this xmas) and have had so much to eat ( I love turkey, mmm) that I’m realy feel like Mr. Creosote, a full as full can be, and I really feel that a wafer thin mint would be just a mint too far, and there could well be an explosion…god help the thunderbox in the morning…
    You make some good points regarding obama, especially the " first black president". I appreciate that he is half white, but as most of the world seems to think that  makes him black, and he certaily has got a good suntan, especially when compared to other presidents) I really do worry about his safety.
    I’m not so sure about Mandela, he had a past,( and lives in a country that is so tied up with tribal differences that I cant see anyone succeding there until it get united, and they put all their differences behind them…..which is never going to happen ) but obama is squeaky clean and lives in the US, the worlds powerhouse ( according to them) and certainly IS in a position to influence things.
    He needs to influence Mugabe somewhat methinks.
    Anyway matey, good to talk to you ( as always)
    keep on taking it easy, and I’ll ry to get over again soon
    all the best
    woof woof!


  6. Still taking it easy my friend?  Well your comment on my space the other day inspired today’s title.  See, you are an influence on me!  Peace


  7. You have undeniably been very very lazy! Not so on the inquisitive front though!! Now…. up you get… off the sofa…and go refresh that poor fish tank!! Have a lovely weekend! 😉


  8. Coffee With Kate

    hahahahah…….try a bit of slowblogging


  9. HI MY FRIEND!!!!do not worry about your laziness,I love sitting on my sofa doing absolutely nothing,it is one of the best things in the world so take it easy and relax.take care,hugs.


  10. Hi there Kenny!  You are so laid back my friend and I am getting that way too… my thoughts are that I have worked hard all my life now is the time to do exactly what I want!  Well have been messing around on the computer today with hardly any thing to show for it P has given me a A3 printer for Christmas well of course I had to have it now  didn’t I!!
    Thanks for the visit and comments on the photos, we really did have a great time and saw and did every thing we planned, England next year have a long list of must see places such as Donna Nook and Rosberry Topping and a pub near your street!!
    Don’t worry you will be quite safe with P as body guard!!
    Love the music more later
    Love Suki x


  11. You crack me up, Kenny.  Hey, I have not given up on the bracelet, please forgive the length of time–I have not been lazy but so busy!  I went down today to get the snap put on but they were closed………soon though!  Then I can start getting the turquoise on and the wolf head……….hope this finds you well and reasonably happy there, dude, and I gotta say I love the new (I think) composite at the top of the page!


  12. So we are opposites of late huh?  Well if laying on the sofa is what is good for you then go for it!  Me, I’m not happy unless I’m in perpetual motion – it’s just the way I am.
    Be well.  Peace


  13. Christmas is for the pets this year, having had it verified I will still be unable to eat for a few more months yet. Looks like the butcher will have to make my ordered Turkey a shrinkable one as I had a 10/12 lb one booked. Can’t see the dogs and the cat being able to clear one that size alone.As for presents, well I just have to find the cheque book and enclose a small one for each of the grand children to put in with their Christmas Cards. There you go. Christmas solved.Thanks for the info by the way. Have left a message and hope along with all the others it can help a little.Take Care and catch you around.Love and WishesBarry, Tessa, Dollar and Wandering Willie


  14. The last bit there, was supposed to say, take care, LOL! Bye for now, XX


  15. Hi, Kenny!
     I am not around much these days, as you can probably tell. Thought I would pop by and say hello! T


  16. Tis the season to kick back, I feel it too.
    If only I could relax like my cat, what a role model she is.
    They least we can do is try!


  17. Indeed Kenny, affairs of the heart can be rugged. At times we need stout walking boots. As always you’re a welcome traveller that cross my path. xxx P.s I’m still open for business. :o)


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