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After consultation with a number of my contacts and reading comments made by many, regarding the recent updates. It would appear that most people are concerned about their privacy. For those that fall into this category and would like to know what to do for the best.  Then please read the following. "Supplied by Dev"   and as Mark (little fish) Slack, would say, "have fun"


 Your Privacy is not an illusion : How to manage What’s New with YOU and your Network on Windows Live + Profile and Spaces Permissions

Posted: 03 Dec 2008 06:53 PM PST


Rob has posted an entry that will help Windows Live and Spaces users, dissatisfied by the updates where they feel that their privacy has gone out of the window. You can control most if not all aspects of the updates that show up on your profile and on your ‘What’s new with your network’ page. I have added a more info to the tutorial that Rob created.




Sign in to Windows Live Home with your Windows Live ID (The e-mail address and password that you use to sign in to Windows Live programs and services such as Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger).

You can now carry out any of the following>>


How to delete any item from ‘What’s new with you’:


  • Go to your Profile
  • Hover over a What’s New update
  • Click the blue gear that appears at right
  • Select “Remove this update” as shown below:





How to change what types of updates you’ll publish in the future:






How to change what types of updates show up on ‘What’s new with your network’:


  • Check or un-check the update types that you want to see from your network and You can also chose to hide updates from a specific user in your network. Click the [Save] button when done.




    Both your Windows Live Home page and Spaces Home page have the ‘What’s new with your network’ section. This section on the Windows Live Home page covers updates from all the Windows Live and 3rd party such as blogs, twitter updates, notes, photos, files, etc. The section on the Spaces Home page only covers the updates regarding spaces. But both of them have a common place where you can select what type of updates you want to receive or see from your network and the respective home pages will be updated accordingly depending on what you want have selected to receive.

    Other windows Live services have their respective ‘What’s new with your network’ sections.








    Setting your Profile Permissions:


    All the updates types that you chose to publish from are only shown to whom you want to show. To change this setting…

    • Go to your Profile
    • Click on the ‘Edit profile details’ link or in the left pane, click on ‘Details’ (Shown below).


    Go to the item that you want to change. Next to Shared with, click on the current setting, and then select who can see the information.

    • To share the information with anyone on the Internet, select Everyone (public).
    • To allow anyone in your network to view the information, select My network. Additionally, to allow people in your friends’ networks to view the information, select My extended network.
    • To restrict access to people in any of your categories, select one or more of the categories from the list.
    • To share the information with certain people, under Individuals, type in the e-mail address, or select from your contact list.
    • Click Save.




    Setting your Spaces Permissions:


    For Spaces users, You can set your permission settings from the options link which is found on the top right hand region of your space. Click on the link and select ‘Permissions’ from the drop down menu (shown below).


    Selecting who you want to show your Space is similar to setting permission for the Profile Page as mentioned above.Once you finish setting up your permission click on the ‘Save button’ to save your permission settings.




    Similar permission settings are available for other Windows Live services such as Photos, Sky Drive, etc. (Once signed in search for a link, ‘More’ from the drop down menu select, ‘Edit Permissions’).

    I hope this tutorial covers all aspects regarding your privacy settings for Windows Live and Spaces. Your feedback is valuable.

    – Dev, Windows Live Spaces MVP


  • Understanding the new updates for Windows Live ‘Wave 3’ and Spaces

    Posted: 03 Dec 2008 04:23 PM PST

    Rob has written in detail about the New updates in Windows Live ‘wave 3’. You might want to check out the links below. They could help you understand these changes and perhaps solve a few problems or frustrations that you might have with the updates.











    How to add Twitter to Windows Live What’s New  


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    3. just popping in to say hello, and glad to see you are making a difference…….I learned a few things from the team blog, but still cannot access my own messages unless I go to their link………too weird. Anywho, see ya later gator.


    4. I guess I should have come here first, and will probably be back. This has been very helpful. BTW I just turned on the sound on my computer so this is the first time I am hearing your music. It’s great! I am finally getting used to some of the changes which have been introduced recently. At first I was freaked, old lady that I am, but you can’t keep a good woman down for long, so I bit the bullet and started exploring the features. Like I said, wish I had come here first, lol.Blessed bePS Snow? Really.


    5. Yes… well… that didn’t really help…. all I want to know is HOW DO I GET GRAPHICS INTO G-BOOKS! It can’t be that hard surely? Everyone else is doing it now! Your blog links were very interesting though thanks but sadly I cannot find an answer to my prob. But then I don’t think there is one!!So! You’re now "open to any fantasy" we "care to mention" are you!! No wonder you’re going for a walk in the snow then!lol! Very good blog!! :-))


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    10. Kenny, my British friend, I am so glad to see you, and yes, it has been a longgg time. I see your page is as beautiful as ever, and I adore the wolves and the howling — music, too. You are so darn creative, but I’ve told you that before.Love this post you did. Yours was a heck of a lot more detailed than mine, but I was trying to through to the women that were tearing their hair out and threatening to leave. I don’t want anyone to leave — geez, I just got back 3 days ago for heaven’s sake. You can only imagine the catching up I have to do after close to 6 months, sheesh.It’s going to be a pure pleasure dropping back in on you. See you soon :D xxx


    11. Wow, THANKS Kenny!! This is a very detailed and informative blog. You are so nice for doing this for us!!! I will come back and check this out more than a couple of times, I’m sure. Thanks for visiting my Space, bye for now, Take care, XX


    12. Thanks for your help Kenny. I have read a little of the blog and it does seem to make sense! I haven’t been around much as I am trying to get some preparations for Christmas done! I’m running around like the proverbial and getting nowhere fast! Bring back Hallowe’en!Blessed be dear friend. Abs.xx


    13. enjoy your walk


    14. Thanks for the info, i know alot of folks have been very concerned about this. Take care kenny


    15. Looks like we have missed the worst o fthe blizzard – thanks for all your techadvice


    16. Morning you. Say I with mischief afoot. (What else would you expect?) I did find that even on the home page when an update came through you hover on the blue tool Icon. Then By clicking on deselect that type of update no longer appears. You did it to me again didn’t you Kenny? I looked at your update and thought…. His Surname? Then the lightbulb went on inside my head and a big grin appeared. In fact it’s still there. Enjoy your walk Kenny. (One more fox on the prowl ;o)………….) xxxP.s with regard to fantasy, Two words, Dog Basket spring to mind!! Ha! Ha!


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