Windows Live Spaces.
 After witnessing many updates and enduring much scratching of the head,
I feel w.l.s. has evolved from the pretty basic actions one could perform when w.l.s. was  first rolled out. Into a most exciting place where one can become lost among its magic.
Who can remember when we were limited to just 2/3rd of the page with which to work with.
The other third was devoted to a column of help topics.
We were restricted to just one html module, suddenly, we were given 10.
Yes these updates are a pain at times, but, I believe without them the w.l.s. experience would not be as enjoyable.
Many people create their space with minimal effort, using only the basic necessities in order to embark on the w.l.s. experience.
This is fine by me, would just like to see a few more spaces that are not only interesting to read but pleasing to the eye also. "A picture says a thousand words."
Yes it takes time to learn ones way around w.l.s. but it can be such fun, learning.
When first we open our spaces we are at a complete loss as to what to do.
It is like a jigsaw, where to start, what goes where, it boggles the brain.
Slowly we learn and quickly we begin to enjoy. 
Then we discover other spaces and begin leaving comments.
Soon people leave a comment or two and we begin to receive offers of friendship.
Who among us can not remember the first person to add a comment to your virgin space or your first friend.
This produces a warm feeling inside, knowing real people are viewing your space .
It is always nice to know that , after struggling to create your space and making it as interesting as you can.
That  someone somewhere out there is actually reading your blog.
I have noticed that some have deserted w.l.s. and have signed up to other blogging sites. (why I shall never know) Sites like "my space", a much inferior version of w.l.s.
w.l.s. is a special place, and it is you the spacers yourselves that make it so special.
In your own way all who visit  this place are special. So many diverse characters, so many different life styles, so many beautiful people.
I am happy and privileged to have met you all.
Purely by coincidence it is  the bigest and brightest full Moon tonight for 15 years, so, if you will excuse me I have some howling to do.
Deep peace


. What power is this what invisible force what magic what beauty.
You smile and hearts flutter...


4 responses to “W.L.S.

  1. Hi Kenny, what you say is true Spaces Live is the best I have come across and I don’t intend going elseware! I have gathere a group of beautiful friends in my 4 years here and learned so much about far away places and my how the look of our spaces have changed yours is always crammed full of beautiful sounds and pictures. I find the new way of getting around quite laborious but I may not yet have found the best way!Any way Health and happiness to you at Christmas and a great New Year to comeLove Suki x


  2. confusion continues to rule the castle.


  3. Hey you. Indeed all that you say is true. I do remember the first time someone left a comment and subsequently became a friend. I also remember the first time I encountered you… Then came words of encouragement,the first tenuos steps to a real friendship, not to mention beautiful gifts. You percieve things that harmonise with my own thoughts. Make me laugh with your sense of humour. I will never forget the picture of the two dogs with the blue balls. ;o) Christmas approaches and I never would have thought that I would be sending the friends I have made real cards in the post. Lastly Thank you so much for being my friend. xx"Where ever I roam, My heart will return to you" (As opposed to Titanic)


  4. Shimona from the Palace

    I couldn’t have put it better myself, Kenny. One of the best things to have come out of having my Live Space, apart from the friends I have made here of course, is having been able to learn to do so many things with my space that I never dreamed of before. And also things that have uses beyond their use on my Live Space. For that, I owe a great deal to you and Mark – thanks once again. Oh – and Merry Christmas.


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