Wolf Moon

Full Wolf Moon



January Full Wolf Moon 2009

The Full Moon in January is called the Wolf Moon.  It is named after the cold and hungry wolf packs that in the bleak Native American midwinter in the ice and deep snows would regularly howl hungrily outside the Indian villages.
It is also sometimes referred to as the "Old Moon", or the "Moon After Yule."



Taken from  Europa’s Ice Wolf  Blog.


11 responses to “Wolf Moon

  1. I didnt know that this past full moon was about this. Brilliant images.Deep Peace Kenny.Lisa xo


  2. Quite cold here this morning – but not too cold that I didn’t stop for my cup of chai tea – priorites you know! Keep warm on that sofa dear Kenny!Peace


  3. And what has my dear Kenny been up to lately? Are you curled up on the sofa, slumbering the winter away? Well whatever has your attention I wish you well. Peace


  4. Hello matey, Sorry just picked up your message on the photos,hope you enjoy(ed) them , there is a massive blog on its way telling all about the day, which was fantastic by the way, one of those never to repeated occasions, and one that I will be forever grateful for..what a present!Bad luck today, I bet you thought you had won that one, but derbies are usually tense affairs, we had one of our own, but West Brom are really not very good, and we should have beaten them by more than the one goal that we did.Hope you had a brilliant xmas & new year, bottle wise it would seem to be very similar, but we did have turkey, I love it!How’s your waistline after the festivies?Mine has somehow expanded a bit, and so has my weight, so it looks like there is going to have to be some serious hard dieting and exercise to get rid of it….trouble is I have become so lazy & indolent over the last month, that I cant really be bothered….slack I know, and I will have t odo something about it soon, or my trousers aren’t going to fit any more!Have a great 2009, I hope its as good for you as 2008 was for me!,take care Kenny, see you soonwoof woof !


  5. FriendsFriends smile at you.They like your face.They want to be with youAny old place.Friends have fun with you.Friends shareThey’re glad when you’re happy—When you’re sad, they care.If you’re a friendThen you care, too.That’s why your friendsAre glad you’re you!!!


  6. Thank you dear Kenny for looking out for me – God knows I do need some tending to sometimes. Looks like we’re getting a full blown snow storm this weekend. That will curtail my activities greatly, but I’ll just have to tend to jobs that need doing around the house.Be well. Peace


  7. Hi to you to Kenneth..Wish you a nice weekend..XX Night Lady


  8. How ever did I miss two posts of yours?! Much too long since I’ve been by to visit – my apologies! Are you still keeping the sofa warmed? We’re having some nasty weather today – hope I get home OK!Be well. Peace


  9. Hi Kenny,HAPPY 2009!!! how are you my dear friend?I have just seen your photos,they are beautiful.I like this entry very much because I love wolves,they are great and magical.take care ,hugs and kisses to you and cherno.xxx


  10. Happy New Year Kenny. I hope it is full of the brightest of blessings xxx


  11. Wonderful bit of info, Kenny, I shall need to spend some time with this moon, coming soon. We have ltos of coyotes around here–I will have a still moment of just listening for them, and will think of you.


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