The meadow

The English Meadow.






While dreaming of the summer to come, my mind transports me to a special place. A beautiful meadow with a sparkling silver stream running through it.  More than one trout I have tickled there.

  This dreaming place was blanketed with countless numbers of wild flowers of all colours and fragrances. Song birds singing, rabbits running and darting about, nibbling this, nibbling that. Then disappearing in an instant down a hole, at the sound of a fluttering butterfly.

Skylarks rise up singing, high in a cloudless blue sky.

Somewhere in the distance a cuckoo cuckoo’s, a pheasant calls his mate and the kestrel hovers high above my head.  Jays scream out their displeasure at my presence, while the bees buzzed from flower to flower.



One approaches the meadow through a field of corn, and is greeted with the sweet scent of this hidden Eden.

 You smell it before you see it.


When you reach the fence at the end of the cornfield, you are suddenly confronted with what can only be described as, a kaleidoscope of dazzling colour.

As your eyes drink in this little gift of Nature, your nose is bombarded with the scent of a multitude of blooms.

Deep deep breathes through the nose I take, almost tasting the meadow on the back of my tongue.


It was a meadow of stunning beauty and has been so, for thousands of years.

Many times in my younger days I would picnic among the buttercups. A white blanket on the ground, a basket of nice things to eat and a bottle or two of my Grandfathers home made wine.

With the sun on my back and another’s hand resting on mine. What more could a young man ask for on a sunny summers day.


There are no photographs of this my Shangri-La, my little piece of paradise.

There is a Motorway running through it now.
That is what I call the "true" madness of the motorway.


The road to hell    !!!


9 responses to “The meadow

  1. My personal meadow is buried under the main runway at Manchester International Airport . . . but the memories are still alive !


  2. It’s always a relief to find a blog that doesn’t start to shut down my vital organs.


  3. hi Kenny,what a beautiful place you describe!I Love nature,I cant stand those horrible and noisy roads to hell!!!take care my


  4. your beautiful memory about that english meadow truely make it a paradise comparing to the gray overflying motoway, Nature is always the most beautiful scene!


  5. Hello Kenny, that looks suspiciously like Spaghetti Junction in Birmingham.. a very favourite piece of tarmac of mine.. not!!Actually upon further inspection I think it might be somewhere in the US, thank god, I would hate to be having to drive on that every day!Bad luck yesterday against West Brom, however 3- 0 is a bit of a blow, and what with happy harry’s lot drawing today that puts Boro right in it. (Actually I cant stand Saint Harry, I think he is a double dealing lying crook, and I cant understand why he is loved so much by the world of football).I wouldn’t worry though, the Gate is a good bloke, and a couple of wins will send you guys right up the table.We as you will know, stuck it up Sunderland ( bet you are pleased ; o) ), but I think we were a bit lucky with some of the decisions…never mind 3 points gained, champons league here we come!The footy day was brilliant, for all the reasons you mention,plus the draw, plus the copious quantities of champers, a drink I could honestly drink until it came out of my ears…I think i went to bed happy, but unfortunately I was too full of the aforementioned grapey beverage, and dont remmber what time I went to bed.. tut tut tut, I’m not doing that again for some time, as the next morning was a bit dicey for a few hours……Hope you aren’t getting blasted by the weather too much, last night was blowing a gale, and I thought the windows were going to pop,but this morning the sun was out??I have seen reports of horrendous snow storms in the US, and pics of lakes frozen over,and temperatures of -40c.. brrrr, that’s far too cold for me, about 60c toocold in fact :o)Hope you enjoyed the pics, and well done if you got down to the end of the blog, to be honest I thought it was a little bit too long, but I had so much to say I didn’t really know how to end it….and on that note I shall bid you adieu mon ami,take care, and hopefully you will find another field of peace to relax in soon.all the best me old mate, see you soonwoof woof !


  6. and it is so Stunning.. I want it . :)


  7. You took me away to this very special place . I was just about to get a passport to England and see this Stunning Beautiful place … but I see what they have done. Wow … Kenny this is a Peacefilled Blog no matter what. Memories never die as long as we have the vision and passion , and images to go with it. The road to hell I can forget. :)Just walked in form taking photos for a friend and read your comment on my Grandson. I just about fell off my chair laughing. Thanks for that one. Too cute. Ya he would be king. Ha.Have a Great Day /night. Its night here. Deep Peace as always.Lisa xo


  8. !!!Wow!!! That motorway really is a road to hell!!! Imagine it at rush hour!!!It is tragic the way we destroy our world’s environment and ultimately the future of our planet. You have beautiful memories of a lovely place and it is deeply regretable that today they can only be memories and not reality. Let’s hope that our children and their children do not grow up with memories only of broken and concrete cities and gang-driven ghettos. And let’s hope we don’t leave them a world made up of a myriad of planet-polluting hi-ways and broken dreams. x


  9. Hello Kenny You are in a truly poetic state of mind, the meadow looks beautiful and so I am sure are your memories, but hey your not so old and there is plenty of good old unspoiled England left and life in the old dog yet!! roll on summerLove Suki x


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