Responce to Age…….gap.

A big thank you to all for your frank and most helpful comments.
They are more or less ringing the same bell and I feel sure my friend shall hear it peel
( Just don't ask me for whom it tolls)
It is nice to think that together, we may have just become the catalyst,
that brings love and light to these people's hitherto bleak and loveless  lives.
This proves to me that, individuals of this online community, when coming together
with others (as you all have just proved) , can influence events in real life.
We may very well be witnessing the blooming of a great love.
I shall be keeping you all informed of any future developments concerning this intriguing
"story of love and life"
To be continued  !!!


10 responses to “Responce to Age…….gap.

  1. Well if the pizza had arrived before son-in-law and family we probably would have eaten it prior to the clean up. Fortunately my son-in-law didn’t seem too affected by the clean up as he ate three slices of pizza and several chocolate chip muffins! I’m most grateful for his help!Peace


  2. Good day Kenny! No, I’m not one to pontificate about God – I have my relationship with Him and it is just that – mine. If you ask me about it I’ll tell you my thoughts, but otherwise it’s between Him and me.Right now I’m feeling quite disillusioned by organized religion. In addition to the purported friends was some information I told the associate pastor which has now been spread to several other congregants – very uncool. I’m thinking it’s time for me to leave that church.Be well. Peace


  3. Hello Kenny. Interesting that you advise for me to hold close those that are my true friends because while in the throes of my little pity party this morning I had the exact same thought. Great minds eh?How is the weather there? Did you get any of the snow from our Wednesday storm?Be well. Peace


  4. Hi Kenny, Glad to hear you are feeling better at last..proper flu is terrible, ( not this fictional man flu that every woman thinks we get! ).I have been lucky & only had it twice.. once a few years ago was so bad I almost didnt go into work( dont ask ), but I literally ssat there & died for a week.Upon reflection it would have been better just to not go in, but it was a question of cash at the time, so non attendance was a definite no no. :o(I am starting to fear for boro…and Mr Southgate’s emloyment prospects..which is a shame because I think he will be a great manager..eventually.I Believe your next match is Blackburn at your place… difficult to call, but good luck 3 point will take you right up!I will reply to your comment regarding Jake on her blog, as I wouldn’t like ger to think we were talking about her behind her back; o)Have a great weekend me old mucker, hopefully you wont get a relapse ( that’s a bummer ), and also regarding the above entry, good luck to the both!take care, and see you over at Jakes,Woof woof!I will reply to you


  5. A "story of love and life" will always hold intrigue……such is human nature! 😉 x


  6. Hello dear Kenneth! Glad to hear you are feeling better. Me, I’m quite sore now that I’ve shoveled the driveway and sidewalks twice today – once at 4:45 AM and then again at 7:45 pm. The second shoveling proved a bit more difficult since it was a thin coating of slush on top of ice. One person should not be allowed to have this much fun! Hope you don’t get too much of this stuff!Be well. Peace


  7. I look forward to hearing more.Blessed be


  8. Hi Kenny,I am glad you are feeling better,nice words.take care.hugs and


  9. Happy I could help! :O)Take care,Isa


  10. How cool! xx Kate


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