Christy Moore

Just a very nice song and equally nice video. Well worth watching.

Best viewed in " full screen"

Have a splendid weekend all.


Much wisdom and advice runs through all comments.

I trust my friend shall learn from them (I have), if he dose not listen then he shall not learn.

To be continued !



7 responses to “Christy Moore

  1. Hi Jen.Life begins at 60. lol Have a pleasent weekend, what is left of it anyway.Oh yes, and say goodnight to Androgoth, when he wakes up lol


  2. hi kenneth hope your well and having a good start to the weekend ozzy my fav artist i love him and at over sixty hes brilliant xxjen


  3. Yes Suki. that thought had crossed my mind, that only women have commented ( apart from Steve ) who himself agreed with One beam. But he always agrees with her anyway lol.Errm…feminine side…I don’t think so lol.Natalia. I like Christy Moores voice, his new song "Listen" is a cracker…it is released on the 24Th of this month. I shall be first in the Q :)Timid one. Yo ! she who hunts beneath the moon and stars. pleased you enjoyed. Errrrrrm " illustrious" me… don’t think so. but thank you for the compliment.


  4. Yo! Illustrious leader of wolves!! Excellent choice of video and music to brighten up a long Friday afternoon thank you ;))


  5. I have been hearing these words in my head all day, during art class, everywhere I went. Not sung by Chirsty Moore, but another relatively unknown male singer. It makes me smile…. As you do. :o) Thank you for sharing it Kenny. xxx


  6. Beautiful video and Music Kenny!Looking forward to hearing more of this romance, you are advised in the main by women so…… a chance for you and your friend to get in touch with your feminin sideTake care Love Suki x


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