The Chimpanzee

 and the Bonobo.



I truly believe that man has evolved from a common ancestor between These two animals.

Eventually evolving into who we are today. A Male dominant,

 aggressive,human like animal, with a high sex drive.


Below is a simple description of the characteristics Nature choose  

should successfully evolve and which should not.        

Photobucket      Photobucket


          The Chimp.            The Bonobo.   


    Male dominant. J                                          Female dominant. 😦

  Highly aggressive.  J                                                          Passive. 😦

   Ape like. 😦                                                                  Human like. J

Low sex drive. 😦                                                       High sex drive. J
 Nature has taken 50% of the characteristics of both animals
 (with the most likelihood of succeeding)
 to produce you and I
Now, supposing an animal displaying the remaining characteristics,
should have successfully
evolved and survived to this day.
Then !  the question may be.  "Would life really have been worth living" ? 
This is one of the reasons I love her.
Read on. ( hope this link is not missing)
                                                                                                  Kenny x



17 responses to “Evolution

  1. P.s you don’t wear Knickers??? Not even on your head??


  2. Ha! Ha! Ha! @ Comment to Europa, By the time I finish with you, you will be wishing you had a bowl of Ice. ;o) :op Now where are those Nutcrackers??? I seemed to have mislaid them. xx


  3. Sarah-EllenI get the feeling you do not believe in "Evolution". Errrrrrrrm…. They can swim yes, but would rather not. I also feel a connection when I am in or near water, perhaps we were both Goldfish in a past life :)Noanie.Pleased you have finished both papers. Now you can spend more time, wasting it. BTW. I don’t ware knickers, I ware boxer shorts. But I sleep as Nature intended :O Timid one.What you say is possibly correct. But unfortunately for the female of the species, our genetic make up as it stands, means that "MEN RULE OK"… so says moi 😉


  4. Lol 😉 …. seems to me having had a good look at that link that the Bonobos way of life would appear to work very nicely…lol…;)) Had the remaining characteristics dominated and carried thru to modern times….undoubtedly the planet’s population would be much smaller….the problems of climate change and environmental destruction etc etc prob wouldn’t exist…..and the balance of nature would likely be considerably healthier than it in fact is. Yes….can see a lot of benefits with that…..society as we know it would benefit and the planet’s resources would not be at breaking point…..Very good blog! Raises some very interesting issues….but then genetics is a fascinating subject ….so says moi! ;))


  5. Now don’t go getting your knickers in a twist – I didn’t mean you are a waste of my time, just that if I didn’t interrupt myself so many times doing things other than writing my papers, I would have been finished in no time flat! BTW, I’m finished both papers now – yea!!!


  6. Hmmm,can’t relate at all and it still doesn’t explain why I am happiest in water though….in fact can either of them swim?


  7. NoanieHAHAHAHAHA… I knew there lurked a little devil in you somewhere. NataliaTalking of little devils :0


  8. I’ve got three of the four bonobo traits – but passive I am certainly not!And I’m with Deborah – I too have the time wasting gene – right now in fact I should be working on my term paper, but here I am blogging. Hmph!Peace


  9. P.s pass the nutcrackers please as my jaws are aching from so much laughter….


  10. Kenny,Surely the mention of peace and love would suggest I am in an exteremly good mood today? As for what side of the bed did I get out of? …………………………..It certainly wasn’t yours!!! ;o) (heheheheheeee!) xx


  11. Deborah.Not sure if a time wasting gene exists or not. But if it does then I am a carrier.I love wasting my time playing and I believe it has "everything" to do with my survival. I would just die without my PC.Natalia. "OUCH" so who got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning. Pookie wookie.Sooooooooo funny lol


  12. well would you Adam and Eve it lol…happy Easter Kenny xx


  13. Said Bonobo, Looks down from her lofty bough and passively says "I may be a dreamer but if you persist in laying a trail of tempting Monkey Nuts for me to Crack, How could I resist the desire to fulfil them" Anymore derisory comments from the "Missing link" and I will don a pair of hefty steel toe caps and squash the apendage that only has a couple of nuts as companions!! Peace and Love Kenneth xx Enjoy your Banana Split for dessert and no I shall not provide the Sauce. :o)


  14. Ah tis a mystery which I always enjoy. What I’d like to know is when did mankind develope a dominant gene for wasting time? Twittering, blogging, gaming are becoming art forms but have nothing to do with survival. If we really did have to survive as hunters and gatherers once again would we survive at all? Considering that the males of these tribes "worked" approximately 10 to 20 hrs a week hunting, and had the rest of the time to play, perhaps we would do better than we surmise. Very interesting, and I always enjoy reading the responses of your cyber-clan.Blessed be


  15. Natalia.lol…no, that dose "not" appeal to me. Mine is as tight as a ducks arse and it is staying like that :))Ms Noanie.Natalia’s sense of humor is renowned throughout the far flung corners of w.l.s. A lady of diminutive stature, dreaming big dreams.


  16. I’m still laughing at Natalia’s post – too funny. If an animal with the remaining characteristics would have evolved and survived, it would be a miracle, becuase with a low sex drive the population wouldn’t get very far.BTW, you say the nicest things on my blog – thank you! I’m progressing quite well on the term papers – the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and brighter each day.Peace


  17. Far for me to appear a feminist in these matters, said Bonobo provokes a verbal spat with Homo Sapien. I would venture as far as to classify you as Homo erectus. However, we both know that that limb of mans supposed evolution has be proven extinct……. Or has it? Is there something you have been hiding from me Kenneth? ;o) My question to you is, what would be so wrong with a totally bonobian society? Perhaps there would be far less atrocities against it’s fellow kind? Or is this just another utopian ideal? However, I did read from your link which is not missing, (Ehem? Pun in there somewhere) That it is the male of the species that copulate after a fight. Does that appeal to you also?? :op Something does not sit quite right there does it? and neither would you afterwards. Now excuse me whilst I gently swing from my lofty bough and passively smile down at you. I would add another comment but I fear exceed the bounds of good taste. :o) xx


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