Face Pain.


Some may have noticed that I have not been so active of late.
The reason behind this is the condition " Neuralgia"
A vicious pain that leaves the sufferer with a feeling like
 they have just been kicked in the side of their face by a horse.
Then there are the cluster headaches
like little bombs exploding on the surface of your scalp.
The medication I must take to ease this very severe pain
leaves me drowsy and ill humoured.
So, if you have have not heard from me for a while,
 then rest assured I am not ignoring you.
Thank You all who visit this place
it would mean nothing without you.
Shall catch up with you all,
in time.
Best wishes





13 responses to “Face Pain.

  1. Hello me old matey!I come to offer comiserations, not to take the piss…..It looks like that trap door is well and truly open, and the goose is cooked, unfortunately….:-(All we can hope for now is that we stick it up the magpies on Sunday, otherwise life will be unbearable for everybody, and especially for you guys up there!We didn’t get to see any of the town, as it was after 2pm when we got to the Riverside, mainly because we were held up on the A19 by the police for ages and gthen iven an escort to the ground, much to the excitement of the old growler, so we went straight into the ground for a bevvy or 3 before the game.Good first half for you guys, and much better second half for us ( Tuncay’s goal was a good one! ), and really we should have gone on to win.The fancy dress stuff was real laugh, the folks at the stadium really freindly, and the chips & burgers looked brilliant!A Police escort straight back out again, meant that all we saw of Middlesborough was the main roads, and the ground.. though we did go for a quick stroll around the ground to stretch our legs..and saw 2 MASSIVE container ships berthed just behind the ground.It was really weird watching the game with a ship in the background I can tell you!I also have to say that we didn’t see any of this famous " smog " that everyone bangs on about either…..Hope your neuralgia is getting better Kenny, good luck on sunday, but I fear it may just be too late now.All the best Cap’nhailing frequencies closed Sir!


  2. Bittersweet on-the-hill.

    Kenny, Kenny…………..I am so sorry about your recent ailment. These unsuspecting ailments can reek havoc in our old age. My brother has poly myalgia rheumatica – PMR and the pain is brutal if it weren’t for the steroids he is on. It takes about ten months before he can ease himself slowly off the steroids which should be in about 2 months. I hope you are feeling better and that the Doctors are taking good care of you. I’d like to think you’ll be out on that dory doing some fishing this summer. Spring is very grudging with her warmth and sunshine. We are in the 50’s today with rain and wind. Needless to say, the woodstove is on. Well dear one…..do get well fast and take care. From across the pond. Bittersweet


  3. Hello me old matey!Bad news about the neuralgia, that sounds really shite…but take some heart that it is very unusual for a gent of your young years to get it….. however I’ve been looking at the possible causes of it, and I believe flippancy it not warranted here. :-(Re. Boro.. I was honestly pleased as punch when you went one up..and gutted when the barcodes scored and then went on to win.I think you will definitley score against us on saturday, but your defence is …errr… not very good, and if our lot are on form, and not on their holidays already ( see fulham saturday ) then it’s possible ‘Boro might just get a trouncing.Unfortunately there is going to be a massive amount of piss taking and going down songs ( for which I apologise for now ).We are travelling up with the official Villa coaches ( only because it’s easier ) and I’m not sure where we are going to get dropped off, , or where we will be after that.. plus there is a distinct possibility that we might have some kind of fancy dress on (horned hats in honour of Martin Laursen who is retiring ) , but I would think it will be somewhere packed out with Villa.If you fancy a meet & a quick pint we will have to arrange a definite venue( under the clock with a yellow umbrella 😉 ), but no stress if it’s not possble.If you do fancy jumping ship, well then welcome aboard my friend!hmmmm contrasting advice regarding updating the olde blogge…..I think perhaps you are right., a new start… but perhaps a quick reprise of the last few months…..I used to be indecisive, but now I just can’t make up my mind…….what to do????Thanks for the advice Kenny, I will make a decision very soon for sure, and then it will be either the longest blog since Tolstoy first thought" war..and peace… now THAT would make a great title for a book",or a this is what happened type thingy.I cant wish you good luck for saturday ( sorry dude) but i can wish bad luck to the barcodesmaybe see you saturday???take care Kenny, all the best dudeWoof woof !!


  4. Hey Kenny,I can’t Thank You enough Kenny for sharing your story with all of us you are one hell of a good person it’s something I just know even though we have never met and I want to tell YOU that we couldn’t have done it without YOU!Wishing You No Pain Please come back as soon as you can you are in our thoughts! Sincerely Lola. xo


  5. Sorry to hear you are badly, last nights result will not have improved the condition. As private Fraser used to say "we er doomed, doomed I tell ye." Get well soon.


  6. Hi Kenny,I was by early this morning to check on you. Sorry to hear your ill with Pain. I will be right where I always am and will check on you from time to time.Things will get better . Take it easy . Deep Peace as alwaysLisa


  7. Hi Kenny!I won’t be on as often either but we will stay in touch and I hope your condition can improve with the medication. As you know I also hurt my leg and was on pain killers for the first couple of weeks. I had to go off them because I did not like how they made me feel. Then for the next couple of months it was a Chiropractor, laser, ultra sound and advil. It’s not fun when things go wrong with our bodies. I hope things get better for you.Take care, XX Donna


  8. Hi Kenny,I am sorry to hear you are feeling so bad,a friend of mine suffers from neuralgias and it must be a terrible pain,hope you are feeling better,take much care my dear English friend.xxx.PEACE.


  9. Did you know there is a Swine ‘Flu help line? Have you rung it? Don’t bother it is just a lot of Crackeling LOLLOLLOLSuki x


  10. i have missed you Kenny and your sence of humour and your kind words, thank you for your visit today to the Wildwood! They are deffo English Bluebells any thing forign gets uprooted right away, not that I am Ultra Nationalistic in any way but English Bluebell Woods for the English bluebells!!!Wishing you well and back amoungst us again soonLove Suki x


  11. Shimona from the Palace

    Dear Kenny, So sorry to hear you’re under the weather. I wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing you back to your old self in the near future.ShimonaPS. Despite your favouring the canine race, Possum and Pixie also wish you better 😉


  12. I will wrap you in the blanket of my sleep and dream of you smiling, free from Pain. Goodnight Kenneth. Your gentle wit and humour has been missed on Spaces. I have missed you too. Thinking of you. xx


  13. Aww Kenny….you do sound in a bad way…. :( You’re really ‘in the wars’ at the moment aren’t you… I do hope you make a speedy recovery and that you’re feeling fit and well again very soon. Wishing you a big dose of your ‘Deep peace of the running wave’ to help you along :)….Timid one :))


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