Instant sunshine.

If you are feeling blue, then listen to this.
It won’t change your colour, but it may change your mood.
Feeling much better thanks in part to your comments,
all of which are most appreciated and most welcome.
RE: Football…"" sod it ""  we are doomed  😦
But good luck to Man. U. in the big one.

3 responses to “Instant sunshine.

  1. That was fun…couldn’t help but smile ;))….just lead me to those beautiful Carib’ men….I mean beaches! lol…and those wonderful golden sunsets….Timid one would be most happy to melt into the arms of the sea and the sun….espec’ if a splash of romance and an exotic cocktail or two are tossed in….! ;))


  2. Hi my dear Kenny,I am glad you are feeling what a beautiful beaches! I like the song very much.take care my dear friend.By the way,yes, we lost eurovision,but I dont care about eurovision at


  3. Oh for you and I to be able to walk Bare foot in the Sand and watch the evening sunset over the Horizon. What a delicious image that portrays. Freshly caught Red Snapper grilled over a camp fire, eaten with the fingers washed down with a cold mint Julip. We can all have dreams. One day may they become reality.Happy to know you are feeling better and I hope that the good vibes get alot stronger very soon.Deep Peace Kenny. Thinking of you with affection. xxP.s Laugh at football comment. It would appear the season ends in a load of old balls after all. :o) xx


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